Dog-Collared Appeasement-Monkeys and EuroNews Bias, Again!

Just gone 4;45pm in jakarta, and my lunch of gado2 was so filling I nodded off, so on waking I turned on EuroNews.

OMG, I wish I hadn’t.


Some pinko bint named Valerie Gauriat has just been give a platform, under the pretext of answering questions sent in by viewers, to blather about the poor little savages engaged in lawless incursions against the peoples of Europe.


Not a hint that these invaders are illegals, unwanted by the citizens of the lands they’re swarming into.

Not a word about the positive alternatives put forward by Liga Nord in Italy, or Hungary’s Orban, or the sensible UKIP approach.

Gauriat is GAUCHE! She could have been reading from a script written by Juncker. 

A load of biased baloney about how they’re fleeing from war and dictatorship, when we know  – and even the weak-kneed UK Government has confirmed….




Brokenshire said:  ‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.

…that the rabble in Calais and the hordes crossing the Med on those bludger-boats are ‘desperate’ (the emotive buzz-word at this very moment being used by the 5pm Euronews bulletin to describe the parasites) not for the joys of democracy… .


..but at the prospect of dipping their dirty snouts into the benefit trough which Cameron has slightly trimmed but not begun to close down.

  • devil destroyed

As for fleeing ‘war,’ ask that Calais cop in hospital how peace-loving the scumbags are, or read again how satanically-evil crimmigrants murdered a batch of fellow-passengers merely for worshipping God Almighty in ways different from their own.


Trust Cameron!




Not good advice in most circumstances, though he CAN usually be relied upon to weasel on issues of principle.

Brits who heard him correctly describe the mayhem mob in Calais as a ‘swarm’ were doubtless pleased he shared their abhorrence of the crimmigrant swine. Alas, he’s been quick to exculpate himself of any meaningful sense of solidarity with his fellow-citizens.

Cacophonous clergy – Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church – are on Cameron’s case, and that of Philip Hammond, who has also echoed popular sentiment.

It’s a refreshingly ecumenical change for me to identify Christian clerics, instead of Islamist imams, as the bad guys. But, sadly, the UK political elite resembles its Indonesian counterparts in their weak response to trouble-makers.

Instead of slapping them down as they deserve, instead of noting the collapse in the number of British folk who attend their churches to listen to their sanctimonious bleating, Cameron caves in.


  • David-Cameron-001
  • =====================
  • Cameron has since defended his use of the word “swarm” –
  • “I was explaining that there are a large number of people crossing the Mediterranean, coming from the Middle East, coming to Europe and I was trying to explain that it was a very large number of people.


I think everyone was well aware of the extent of the menace. Swarm is a word implying something unpleasant, and he didn’t spend years at the most expensive school in England to emerge with no grasp of the nuances of the English language.

“I was not intending to dehumanise, I don’t think it does dehumanise people.”

Oh dear, poor savages, their feelings must not be hurt!

At least not as badly as that poor French cop was hurt!

Their own women huddle together nightly, for fear of sexual molestation by the scum, but we mustn’t denigrate or demonise the swine!

Nor should we refer to them as ‘marauding around the area…’


Busily not marauding


…when it’s perfectly clear that they are just respectable, law-abiding people, out for a Sunday stroll, as captured on camera, above.


He and Hammond would do better, and win wide applause, if they denounced these rabbiting ‘reverends’ for their utter lack of patriotism, their condemnation of the appalling idea that Brits might be more important to the British Government than undesirable aliens, or, as the prattling priests put it, “that British lives and well-being are somehow more valuable than those of others.”

For God’s Sake!

Did their pulpit predecessors between 1939 and 1945 preach that kinda hogwash to the bombed-out East Enders in London, or the citizens of Coventry or Clydebank?

Hardly – clergy then were patriots!

No wonder the churches today are empty.

British Governments are SUPPOSED to put British people first.




God damn these dog-collared appeasement monkeys.