Spain – Government Funds ‘Juden Raus’ Fiesta!

Another petition? 

And why not? Petitions are a simple means of protest which anyone, anywhere can utilise, no matter where they are and how much or how little money – or energy – they may have.

  • If you can’t get out to join a demo, you can add your name to a protest, and this seems an episode that merits protest, a shocking resurgence of nazi-style anti-Jewish persecution, in Spain, of all places.
  • Something called the Rototom Sunsplash, an annual reggae music festival, Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim, Valencia – not my scene, I admit – has kicked out a Jewish hip-hop singer – not my kind of music, I admit – …
  • ….but not for any musical dissonance!
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hitnur    ‘Juden Raus,’ he roared…

‘Si, Senor Fuhrer..’ Sunsplash2006_adesivo

He’s a Jew!

And he, alone of all the artists on the menu, was ‘urged’ to sign up to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, an anti-Israeli outfit.

The organisers urged Matisyahu to sign a statement or otherwise endorse a Palestinian state.



 A photo taken in Red-run Venezuela, but it’s apt for Valencia too, so it seems…


A representative for the festival, who would only give his first name, George…



…told Newsweek. “The festival said Matisyahu should sign [an endorsement] and Matisyahu didn’t want to, and that’s the matter of the cancellation.”

Okay, if a bunch of pro-Palestine creepoids want to run a festival, they can invite, or dis-invite, whomsoever they like, or dislike. It’s then up to Spaniards if they wish to attend any reggae-fied version of a Nuremberg Rally!

But no way, surely, should any grubby little anti-Semites be sticking their snouts into the public purse.

This show gets funding from the Spanish Government!


  • taxpayersspaineussr And who else, might we ask? Spain gets loads of EUSSR cash…
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It should be hung out to dry and told to take its begging-bowl round any neo-nazi and/or pro-terrorist cliques with money to burn, if it can’t sell enough tickets to break even.

Incidentally, have the artists been ‘urged’ to support or condemn any other causes?

Seemingly not! Although Rotototum’s own news section has this alluring indication of whose drum they march to.

  • I see no matching guest-input from any of Castro’s Cuban dungeons, or any Yazidi rape victims…ho-hum…


An affronted Jewish group in Spain has observed –

“It is noteworthy that the festival is not interested in the opinions of other participants on policies of Iran, the Islamic State, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah…”.

SO? What’s to be done?

Pile on the pressure!

Shame Madrid into de-funding the dirty bigots!