Maybe We DO Need Blasphemy Law- 'Christian ' Brat Likens Christ to Crimmigants!

After we posted on the craven sell-out sermonisers yesterday…

Dog-Collared Appeasement-Monkeys and EuroNews Bias, Again! 

…now we have a pathetic pinko puke dragging the name of Jesus through the ‘Jungle’ mire.

‘Jesus would be with migrants in Calais,

He praised the BBC’s Songs of Praise for broadcasting from the camp at the weekend. 

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BBC defends Songs of Praise in Calais


The BBC has for years revelled in subversion. They need to be closed down, or at any rate sold off, maybe to some rich red like the  convicted crim Soros.


“Where would we have found Jesus at teatime on a Sunday? It wouldn’t have been in a nice sleepy church, it would have been in the migrants’ camp…

A ‘church worker?’ Uttering calumnies against the ‘Prince of Peace?’ How utterly offensive can you get?

Jesus would be frolicking among crimmigrant hoodlum scum?

The last time I felt as indignant on behalf of Christ was when I saw this photo of a London demo by filthy savages – cowards, too – note the masks



Normally I reckon deities can handle criticism or even insults by themselves, without human intrusion.

But this kind of craven ‘Christian’ crap is going a bit far, dragging the name of Jesus through the mud, guilt by association.




Maybe, just maybe, blasphemy laws have something to be said for them.