Octogenarian Hanged For Love of History – Time To Cut the Crap!’

Hard not to erupt in helpless fury when we read of the latest monstrous evil done by jihadists.



Heart-breaking, all the more if you share the victim’s love of history and archaelogy, as I do.

But can we at least hope we’ll now hear the end of the clap-trap about ‘de-radicalisation,’ as if there’s anything except evil involved in what the BBC continues, inanely, to call the ‘So-Called Islamic State?’

As systematic rape becomes an increasingly powerful recruiting tool for Isis…   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-leader-abu-bakr-albaghdadi-exposed-as-serial-rapist-of-hostages-who-made-women-his-personal-sex-slaves-10456237.html

That single extract from a recent story in The Independent should have been sufficient to shut down all the wittering academic and political simpletons who bore us on a daily basis with their theories on how to prevent ‘radicalisation’ and thus reduce the flow of fiends to swell the ranks of ISIS.


evil children


To be de-radicalised, you have to hold a radical ideology! The vermin who enlist with ISIS do not.  They just savour murder and rapine. 

It’s really gotten to be not just nauseating but wearisome, the amount of printer’s ink and verbal diarrhoea, vacuous intellectuals explaining that these poor little satanic pigs are ‘alienated’ by the wicked United Kingdom that oppressively gives them free schooling and health care and welfare benefits from the day they are born.

They are not ‘alienated.’ They are aliens, undeserving of the name ‘British’ at all, barely human at all, to be frank.


They are dirty savages, motivated by evil, and animated by the prospect of raping helpless girls, and/or free fornication with the mangy little sluts from the UK, and other Western countries, who travel thousands of miles to open their legs for psychotic thugs.

And, as we now know, by the hanging of innocent, and admirable, octogenarians.

What’s required to deal with them is NOT de-radicalisation but decapitation.