Jew-Baiters Back Off – But Reggae Reds Still Spew Gitmo Garbage?

After our protest post – – by no means alone, but in harmony with an international outcry – the Jew-Baiting bigots of Rototum Sunsplash have run up the white flag.


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  • That Jewish singer, Matisyahu, will take the stage on 22nd inst, and what a victory!
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It only goes to show that all these little blog posts, from all of us, can make a difference.


  •  Matisyahu
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  • But…
  • Hang in there, brethren, for there’s much still to do!

That pinko reggae festival is still getting its public funding, albeit they have yet to disown the apologists for the Gitmo garbage…

  • The drama of Guantanamo bursts in the Social Forum

    The journalist and cameraman from Al-Jazeera Sami Al-Hajj will tell of his experience behind the walls of the US military base in Cuba

  • guantanamo-detainees3 poor tormented Gitmo prisoners playing footie
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  • who, as terrorists, not soldiers, were lucky not to be shot down like the dirty curs they are.




Is Spain funding pro-terrorist agitprop?