Who Killed Freddy Akroa – And Why This Cover-Up?

Abil Teshome, 23, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, on Thursday. All three are charged with the murder of 49-year-old health-care worker Freddy Akoa.



Another case involving illegals, you think?

Wrong – though given the immensely disproportionate incidence of serious crime by Obama’s parasite pets, it is hardly an unreasonable conclusion to jump to.

No, these three gents are legally in the USA, under the ‘Refugee Re-Settlement’ Program.

Granted sanctuary, much like the Boston Bombers’ foul family was given ‘asylum,’ thus easy acess to their prey.


rolling-stone-magazine-Jahar-Tsarnaev-boston-bomber-cover Boston bomb beast


And we learn that these Somalis, two of them, at least, should have been kicked back to the cess-pool they left behind.

Sheikh has 33 criminal convictions, mostly public order crimes such as criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and drinking in public, according to the State Bureau of Identification. Teshome’s criminal record includes convictions for drinking in public and theft.
But we don’t learn much more.

Police have provided almost no information on the killing……


Freddy Akoa


And even more oddly, the judge has ordered the case sealed. There may be good reasons, some technicality, or no defensible reason at all, for this hush-hush handling of a murder.

But the sooner the authorities stop hiding what’s afoot, the better.

Also, of course, the sooner they stop importing savages into civilised countries, everywhere, much the better.