Admiration of the Nation, and Europe – U.S. Heroes Subdue Train Terror Swine!


All praise and honour to the brave Americans (reportedly United States Marines) on that high-speed train who managed to overcome a terrorist with a Kalashnikov who was hell-bent on murder.

These smart young guys heard the satanic savage loading his gun in the rest-room, so we’re told, and their military training led them quickly to identify the sound and confront the blood-thirty fiend.

One’s only regret is that they didn’t kill him.

But then the nauseating shrills from the half-wit ‘human rights’ lobbies would have been up in arms. The heroes would probably have been detained for interrogation, or worse!


Gunman opens fire in ‘terrorist attack’ on Amsterdam-Paris train

If anyone should be detained for culpability in this matter, it’s the European politicians who refuse to institute proper punishment for terrorist swine who abuse their countries’ hospitality.

How many jihadists, salafists, sectarian scum of every sort, are getting free board and lodging at immense expense to tax-payers across the Continent and the British Isles, instead of the death penalty they so richly deserve?


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  • Though media reports say that, so far, the seriously injured victims are only that – injured, not dead – there’s no excuse for not stringing up the SOB who carried out this outrage. He was, so the media admit, ‘known’ to French intelligence, for association with evil sectarian causes, so should have long since been detained and deported, back to Morocco, whence the scumbag allegedly came to Europe.

Why was he ever allowed into Holland, or France?

European countries should only admit aliens who bring some obvious advantage to their society. People who adhere to sectarian ideologies bring nothing but poison into the body politic of the civilised world.


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  • Their creed requires them to put their ideology above allegiance to France, or Holland, or ANY country, even Morocco! Such treasonous vermin are beyond the pale.

Kick them out.

And if they’re caught in the act of violence, hang them!