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    Bravo, Macedonia! C’mon, Cameron, Stun-Grenades Against Calais Savages!

    True heirs to Alexander the Great, those Macedonians on the border, using perfectly legitimate force to defend their country from swarms of arrogant aliens.

    • The BBC was just on, as ever describing these presumptuous ingrates as ‘migrants’ instead of illegals.

    If I go on my travels – which I hope soon to do – I don’t expect the immigration control staff in any country to let me just wander through. I’m required to present documents and visas, and if I don’t, hard cheese, old chap.



    In fact, as I watched the tv report, it occurred to me that I too must have passed through that border check-point, many years ago, as a skinny teen hitch-hiker.

    In those days, Macedonia was still part of Communist Yugoslavia, which naturally had strict controls on its frontier with the Free World. And equally naturally, I presented myself in orderly manner, waited my turn and passed through. Not for a moment would I have considered myself above the rules applying to every other traveller.


    Macedonians defend their borders

    Not today, not for the horde of wannabe bludgers massed on that Balkan road.  

    But it’s not just the arrogance of these illegals, but their obvious mendacity. I just watched a couple of them shrilling indignantly, about how outrageous it all was, that they were only seeking a ‘safe’ place.





    Even the BBC reporter had to tell the truth, that they’d be using Macedonia as a stepping-stone.

    They don’t want a ‘safe place,’ they want yummy benefits, the ridiculous largesse lavished on parasites by demented governments in Northern Europe – Germany singled out as destination of choice.

    The swine are already in Greece, now they’re in Macedonia, and those are ‘safe,’ of course, nobody shooting at them, or bombing them, but that’s not what they care about. They are economic migrants, most of them, and Europe’s governments know it.

    And far too many adhere to barbaric ideologies, like those in Thuringia, Germany, this week, who ran amok because of some perceived slight to their religious dogmas.

    Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Riot in Germany – Kick ‘Em Out! 


    But now we hear Macedonia’s stalwarts have been ordered to relax their grip on the situation, though they did so well, like Leonidas’ 300, against the rabble.  Their government issued the order, but whence came it?

    Here’s the answer, methinks!

    • EUSSR-Flag

    Migrant crisis, Macedonia asks EU for help

    That little republic is poor, and hopes to gain economic advantage from Brussels, so I’d guess this is another example of an EUSSR diktat. The Greeks have a word for it, no doubt.

    The Mogherini Doctrine, let them all in, don’t dare turn them back – the shameless surrender mentality that pervades the ruling class, the betrayal of Europe, basically.


    ‘And, David, did I tell you the one about ignoring what voters want?’

    ‘I think I know that one, Angie!’


    Merkel, like Cameron, and, even more so, the deranged Swedish authorities, could turn off the tap anytime, by telling the Enemy in Brussels that their peoples have had enough of the ingrates.

    Germans, Brits, Swedes, the lot – let there be a vote, a referendum in every land,  a straightforward democratic vote on whether any more ‘asylum’ parasites should be admitted and the snouts already in the trough slapped out.

    Meanwhile, those splendid Macedonian tactics should be adopted in Calais – tear-gas and stun grenades, herding the savages back into their ‘Jungle,’ prior to deportation.

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      Thanks to the UNHCR, Europe is at high risk of being over-run. The Macedonians were doing a good job against the invaders. Now we all depend on Hungary, to get that wall built in time to block them.
      This news every day makes me so sick with anger at the politicians who wont stand and fight the way our ancestors did.



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