BBC ‘Error?’ The Truth About McCarthy’s Brave Crusade Will Out!




Wow, another bright sunny Jakarta Sunday, presenting me with a dilemma – bacon and eggs for breakfast, or get going, enjoy the gorgeous weather, and have that most perfect of morning meals for brunch, when I get back!

But first, a quick review of a significant news item from last week!


Joseph_McCarthy Senator Joe


…in 1953 he was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee – part of the McCarthy hearings into communism in America.

Pity the BBC’s scribbler is ignorant, of even the most basic facts about the USA’s Constitution. The House of Representatives and the US Senate are no more identical than the Commons and the Lords, to use a comparison easily understood by British readers.

  • So HUAC was not part, nor could be part, of Senator Joe McCarthy’s heroic onslaught against Communist subversion, He ran the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee, if I’m not mistaken, and while both bodies did valuable work, they were quite separate.

The BBC extract does, however, confirm that their respective endeavours were entirely legitimate. The phrase ‘Fifth Amendment Communist’ was applied to undesirables who abused the constitution to hide their enemy allegiance.


  • communism
  • ==========
  • Cedric Belfrage, now conclusively exposed as a Soviet spy…
  • Traitor Belfrage -he should have been executed
  • …was one of many who were cornered by patriot investigation and refused to confess to their treason.
  • I’ve written before…

    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

     … about how –

  • – those Communist swine hid behind the Fifth Amendment when asked if they were or had been members of the CPUSA. That plea was as clear as could be. Any decent citizen would have replied with an indignant NEVER!

    Or, if they had previously been guilty of such treasonable allegiance and had since seen the light, they’d not only have owned up but volunteered to help all investigations into the Fifth Column  into whose service that Fifth Amendment had been pressed.

    When patriotic citizens responded to the scum by ostracism or dismissal from jobs they didn’t deserve, what happened?The Reds were portrayed as victims, while in many a (if not every) case, the honourable men and women who lifted the stones off the Communist conspiracy were vilified and persecuted.

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  • communism tyranny
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Public loathing was a very modest price to pay, compared to what they merited.