Kafe Kucing2? Miau Dong! A Cat Cafe in Jakarta!

At that party last week, or was it the one before that…


…my extended social life sometimes a bit blurry, I had a most interesting conversation with a young lady, about a cafe in posh Kemang, which I’d never heard of previously. Since Kemang is an outrageously expensive area of Jakarta, no surprise that not every hang-out is familiar to me.

But the clientele in the place she spoke of sounded quite unique.


I wondered at first if this were some witty play on words, an adaptation of the American term, a ‘cat-house..,’ one of those joints where one might have a close encounter with a pretty woman… 



 …but those sorts of places tend to be in the Blok M part of our fair city, slightly further north than Kemang.

But further questioning clarified that it was a most respectable cafe, for cat lovers!

…a cat cafe, where one enjoys food in the company of roaming cats, is just the place they want to be.




So when I got home, or rather the next afternoon, when I had surfaced sufficiently, I checked it out on the internet. It turned out to have been there for some months, and there are many media reports from when it opened.


Located on Jl. Kemang I, the Cutie Cats Cafe is an integrated cat cafe… cats run around freely in their custom-made playground, while visitors either take pictures of them or pet them…


Hasil gambar untuk cat cafe kemang.


It did occur to me to drop my cat off there for an afternoon, but apparently the cat cafe is forbidden to unaccompanied cats. Or any cats not on the pay-roll.

A pity.

She might have found it a socially improving experience to mingle with posh cats – 15 felines of various breeds, such as the Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Bengal, Himalayan and Persian..

Never heard of any but the Persian!


.posh cats  posh cats

my cat ibi2366564_599276564_4206819_8324925_n[1]


Hmmm – would my Sundanese kucing kampung find these aristocats a tad stuck-up?

Or might they take a fancy to a bit of rough?

Who knows?

She might have savoured respectability, decided no longer to go out every night and return in the morning. Truth to tell, I’d be disappointed were that to happen. She’s over 12, a septuagenarian in human terms, and gamely fighting the advance of age.

As do all sensible beings!

Anyhow, no worries – her pocket money doesn’t go that far!

 On weekdays…the cafe would charge Rp 50,000 (US$3.85) for the first hour while on weekends the price was Rp 75,000. Visitors would need to pay Rp 35,000 for every additional hour. 

“As for food, we only provide sweets. The food is also prepared in a separate room…” Cakes, coffees and teas start at around Rp 30,000.

http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/03/03/first-cat-cafe-opens-indonesia.html .

I append two links, for English-language readers, above, and for Indonesian-language readers, below, so readers interested can peruse more detail.

I haven’t been there, but am still bemused by the idea of being a cat-lover yet needing to use other people’s cats to assuage their urge to enjoy feline company.

Yes, if you go out to work, but even so…I went out to work for years and came home to find the cat waiting to be fed and petted. That’s one of the great advantages of cats over dogs – they don’t require humans to be about at all times.

And I read that some women take their children, so obviously they’re not at work.

All a little baffling. But evidently very popular.

And not only in Jakarta.


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  • Another young lady I was talking to just a few days ago tells me they have them in Oz now, and in Sydney, at least, there’s a specialised Kitten Cafe! 

Cat Cafe yang Mulai Bermunculan di Ibu Kota