‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa!

You can’t keep a bad pinko down, it seems.

Little Macedonia, whose stout defence of their borders we praised only days ago, stood down its resistance to invasion after ”pressure’ from that leftist UNHCR loud-mouth Antonio Guterres, sometime President of the Socialist International and now cementing his place in modern history as a latter-day Ephialtes.


  •  Ephialtes the Traitor


Most of you will have seen ‘300,’ and remember the foul traitor who stabbed the Thermopylae heroes in the back. His consorting with the enemies of Europe back-fired. Greece rose en masse against barbarian hordes.

We must hope the same happens in the here and now, as the people whose countries are threatened with invasion wake up and rally to resist.

This past weekend, we had to watch the border over-run. Now train-loads of unwanted aliens are pouring northwards, desperate to gate-crash Hungary before that brave nation gets its new frontier fence installed.





All aboard the Gravy Train – wannabe bludgers scramble onto the Benefit Express out of Gevgejina


  • Thanks to Guterres, Macedonia is now admitting batches of several hundred illegals every two hours!
  • Yet even so, the rabble runs amok, contemptuous of  legality, defying the heavily out-numbered defenders, to the tune of a sell-out media chorus of subversive glee, EuroNews maybe the worst, this morning opening their report from Gevgejina with a load of cr#p about ‘dreams coming true’ for the crimmigrant horde..


Hasil gambar untuk guterres


He’s already known to our readers from his previous outbursts, but this time the UN’s ‘High Commissioner for Refugees’ – and what kind of vastly inflated salary does that command, I wonder – has told European countries that the best way to cut illegal immigration is not to defend themselves against such incursions but wave a legislative wand and make it legal.


If law-makers alter the law, if crimmigrants are legalised, they’re no longer illegal!



  • illegals-45735984408


  • No matter they remain falsifiers of documents, liars, spongers, no matter they include fanatics, hoodlums…Guterres’ solution, instantly, by sleight of parliamentary hand, will slash illegal immigration, right?

Listen to the tripe he talks, scolding European governments, not for their laggard removal of thousands of wannabes whose applications for ‘asylum’ have been nailed as bogus …https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/throw-the-bums-out-suddenly-brussels-agrees/ …but for not bowing to his diktat that it was necessary to increase the legal ways for migrants and refugees to enter the continent.


The last time we noticed this archetypal example of The Enemy Within was when we reported that the UN had demanded the EUSSR use jackboot diktats on its member-states to FORCE them to share Sweden’s suicidal intake of ‘asylum’ parasites.

UN To Brussels- ‘FORCE Brits To Share Sweden’s ‘Asylum’ Tsunami!’ 

UN to Brussels?

Please recall that the reason that various government leaders have given for not moving onto the ungoverned Libyan coast to quell the crimmigration invasion is that they are scared to lift a finger in that direction without UN approval Yet creepoid Ban Ki Moon’s view on fighting back against bad guys has been made plain more than once, more than twice, in fact..




…but this Guterres garbage underlines how wise it would be for Western countries to stop funding the UNHCR, and the entire United Nations.

It’s a loud-sounding nothing that drains the public purses of civilised states, only to afford the likes of Guterres a plush income AND a platform for pinko bleating.

  • And not just Guterres – who funds the forum for those malignant clowns known as the UN Human Rights Commission?

HaHaHahaHa – ‘Human Rights’ Conference in Saudi? 



You do! 

If you pay taxes in the UK, Canada, USA or Australia…or in any of the European countries Guterres wants to saturate with parasites.