Jakarta Globe Provides Platform for Europhilia…Only?

Like any newspaper, the Jakarta Globe may, and does, take positions on editorial pages about issues of all kinds. This right includes offering space to others to express opinions.



The JG this week provided a platform to an obscure person named Hammond, apparently a former ‘Special Adviser to the UK Government’ (who oddly uses United States spellings) who used it to beat a Europhiliac drum, with laughable assertions like –

…those advocating EU exit, which would not only harm Britain, but also the rest of Europe by disrupting the currently-28 member state’s balance of power, inner workings, and policy orientations.

Oh Yeah?  Europe tells Britain it MUST pay £1bn share for Greek …


Despite what many British Euroskeptics assert, the UK’s influence and prosperity are enhanced by EU membership.  

Oh Yeah? Top 100 EU rules cost Britain £33.3bn | Open Europe


As former Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband rightly said: “Our role in Europe magnifies the power of our ideas, and strengthens our international clout in Washington, Beijing, and Moscow.”

Oh Yeah? ‘Rotten to the core’ eurozone drags Britain down as …


…the British economy would suffer if the country leaves.

Oh Yeah? Britain shouldn’t worry about leaving the EU, say business leaders


All I have to say is this -will the JG offer equivalent space to an anti-EUSSR figure to refute these nonsenses? They’re easy to find, in business, academia, parliament, even in Brussels – just ring up one of the UKIP MEPs!


  • EU - referendum vote
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  • Or will the powerful case for UK deliverance from Brussels rule be restricted to their little comments columns – much less prominent and without the same impact as the sprawling ‘Commentary’ which the unknown Hammond got?   


I hope I’m wrong but they do tend to echo every asinine left-liberal tune that emanates from the West.