Crepeau’s Crimmigrant Crap – “They’ve No Right, But They’ll Come Anyway!”

Just listening to Francois Crepeau, UN ‘Special Rapporteur’ for crimmigrants, on Euronews, not a good plan, as one should be at ease when bedtime approaches.


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  • He actually admitted that they have ‘NO RIGHT under international law’ to come to civilised countries. Then his punch-line.

But they’ll come anyway.


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Migrants, police clash on Kos island

Home invasion, writ large



Hoodlums have no right under any country’s law to burst into other people’s houses, but home invasions happen anyway.

That’s why we have law enforcement, big guys in police uniforms, to answer emergency calls and come and get the swine.


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  • If the cops can’t or won’t help, then the victims of marauders have an absolute right to fight back. In most people’s views, a house-holder thus attacked has every right to take any action he or she feels necessary to stop the b++tards committing the depredation.

With the honourable exception of Hungary…



Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban on Saturday said there is a link between irregular migrants and terrorism, reports Reuters. “There is a clear link between illegal migrants coming to Europe and the spread of terrorism…” He also said Europe needs to be preserved for Europeans.


… few governments in Europe are fighting back.

Crapeau’s UN comrade, Ephialtes Guterres, was apparently instrumental in pressuring Macedonia to drop its resistance to the mass incursions there.

‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! 

On the Mediterranean, European governments are brazenly defying the demands of their own citizens to stop the invasion, instead importing boat-load after boat-load of bludgers – and worse!

 Of Course It’s True! Terrorists Invading Europe, Courtesy Of Europe’s Navies! 

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  • Now I have switched to BBC, where that noted impartial broadcaster showed off its idea of fair play by featuring an ‘English Afghan ‘ who thinks ‘migrants’ should be called something else – ‘refugees.’

To counter him, they had some girl who argued that ‘migrants’ was the proper word, even though it’s ‘misused’ sometimes. She soon showed her true colours by dismissing the term ‘swarm’ as unfair!

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But why not call them illegals?

Even Crapeau blundered into that truth.

They are invading the civilised world. They are illegal immigrants, aren’t they?.

Or that nice Aussie term, bludgers!?!