More ‘Asylum’ Amok-Runs – Finland This Time!

And off we go again, more ‘asylum’ ratbags running riot, this time because their lies were detected, and their applications rejected, by the sensible Finns.
It seems about thirty alien louts ‘attacked a car in Joutseno, on the Finnish-Russian border.’
Because it was taking one of their own who had been approved as genuine.
.The attackers were rejected applicants who were awaiting transportation out of Finland due in September…
The foul ingrates have been given free board and lodging during their stay, goodies guzzled fron the Finnish public purse.
But not a penny-piece of gratitude do the bludgers show, nor shame, at having been caught out as frauds.

…the atmosphere at the Finnish centers which temporarily house the refugees is at times strained.

What a gift for understatement this journo has! The swine hate being exposed as frauds. But frauds they are, and not just in Finland!

Remember the scandalous exposures we’ve covered in past posts!?




And this one, which which exposed the phoney documentation industry serving dishonest boat bludgers.

Not a whit of gratitude for all the tax-paid largesse. Instead they behave like rabid curs

Not surprising, given what we know of ‘asylum’ ingrates already.

‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 

But what is surprisng, mildly, is the way the Finns sort out their bludger intake..

Roughly half of all asylum seekers receive a negative decision in Finland…

And how does that perentage compare with Germany, where Merkel is riding like a valkyrie to succour the bludgers her regime has imposed on hapless folk?

Riots have broken out, across the country, for the simple reason that honest working Germans have NEVER been given a say on this issue!

Merkel served communism quite diligently, so it seems, in the bad old days…


… and now she stands exposed as a champion of cultural marxism, eager to force unwanted parasites on innocent German towns!

Again, let’s ask, what percentage of the crimmigrant tsunami do her minions exclude as fakers?

Off-hand, I don’t have the figures, but I’ll bet it’s miniscule, compared to the stout-hearted Finns, who are growing angry.

local attitudes towards the centers and their inhabitants can be negative.

By ‘local,’ the writer means Finns, whose country it is, and who have never yet had a referendum on the issue of whether their beloved homeland should allow undesirable aliens to flood in.

But although the new government in Helsinki may be better than the old, there are still disturbing signs of appeasement .

In the southwestern Finnish town of Forssa, a former first class hotel is being considered for use as a reception center. 

For Pity’s Sakes!

That’s the kind of decadent nonsense we expect from Cast-Iron Cameron…

More than 100 asylum seekers have been ordered to live for nine weeks in a luxury hotel favoured by Manchester United stars – at a cost to the taxpayer of up to £400,000.

Amblehurst Hotel

Amblehurst Hotel – where Man U stars like to party

Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.


…not from patriots, in ANY country!