‘Perhaps Understandably?’ Anti-Europe EuroNews Spews On!

Just as it neared time to sleep last night, I made an unwise decision – to watch EuroNews 2a.m. bulletin…

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The Pravda-esque poison aimed at Hungary continues to spew forth, even in the wee small hours of the morning, ranting about the new border fence as a ‘stone-cold welcome’ for ‘desperate people trying to reach the safety of EUROPE!’

Do these ignorant clowns of EuroNews not know that Greece, Macedonia and Serbia are part of Europe? If these parasitic hordes merely wanted to be ‘safe,’ they’d not be pushing their greedy snouts northwards, towards Merkel-Land…


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  • … where Lady Bountful is determined to crush opposition from her own people to the invasion – even after invaders in Berlin ran amok and her own police were put at risk whilst subduing them. Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Riot in Germany – Kick ‘Em Out!  
  • The most recent outbreak of crimmigrant mayhem, which Hungary’s security forces had to quell with tear gas, was described as the wannabe bludgers becoming ‘perhaps understandably’ agitated!

Do we really need these pinko scum-journos editorialising like this? The riotous aliens only started acting up, refusing to comply with legitimate requests for their finger-prints, when they noticed journalists carrying a camera filming them

The fact is, it was a ‘riot!’ 

  1. Police Forced To Use Tear Gas As Minor Riot Breaks Out At Migrant


These arrogant swine have obviously never heard of the old saying, ‘he who pays the piper, calls the tune.’  

I refer not to the crimmigrants, who certainly deserve at least tear-gas if they run amok, but to the treason-tripe dished up by EuroNews, despite a hefty chunk of their fat salaries originating from the public purses of the nations of Europe – not from the alien bludgers, for sure!

Nor are the EuroNews yappers alone in their subversive campaign against civilised countries up against a frightful tsunami.

Only a few days ago we had some gnarled BBC hackette on the Turkish coast, calmly observing crimmigrants setting sail, no effort at all to call Turkish border security to thwart that illegal armada.

One has to ask, if BBC reporters had witnessed a Waffen SS squad coming ashore on the Kent coast in 1940, would they have held back from alerting the proper authorities?


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  • Okay, maybe Turkey would have let the illegals embark with impunity – God knows plenty have already done so.

But it appears the BBC is even less neutral in today’s conflict than it was when Britain was fighting Argentine aggression.

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

If so, they should be defunded.


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  • Why should UK tax-payers stump up for the salaries of journo jerks whose loyalties lie with the lawless?