Britannia Exemplary V Schweinehund in Wienerwald!

Werner Faymann, Austria’s Socialist chancellor, has warned he would block Britain’s negotiation package unless Mr Cameron showed “solidarity” and accepted a greater share of the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers flooding into the EU…



….this is the first time a European leader has publicly attempted to strongarm the United Kingdom by tying the reform package to the migration crisis engulfing the continent..




 Hey, Brits might be tempted to say a big thanks, if Cast-Iron’s phoney talks were foiled and Brexit hastened.
And if Britain maintained its principled refusal to bow down and let the undesirable aliens surge across the Channel, setting an example which all Europe should be following…Cameron would gain some badly-needed Brownie Points!
But that of course depends – if Cameron buckles to this blackmail, lets in hordes of primitives, would enough Tory MPs have the guts to put country before party and oust the weasel?
And while the uproar raged over his betrayal, in the crimmigrants would swarm, with no prospect of getting them out until at least, very least, the next UK election.
Even so, we could respect Faymann’s attitude, if he were concerned to protect his own, if he were himself doing all he could to defend his own country against the swarm,  if he were not the dirtiest dolchstosser in the heart of Europe.
He’s doing NOTHING to help his neighbour Hungary’s admirable stand against the alien tsunami – quite the opposite, issuing shameful diatribes against the magnificent Magyars who almost alone are fighting back.
 Their latest ‘deplorable’ tactic is to enforce EUSSR rules, requiring crimmigrants to show proper visas before they board the trains in Budapest’s Keleti Station. You’d think the EurocRats and their lick-spittle flunkeys like Faymann would applaud, but far from it.
Hungarians are insulted and abused by Brussels’ running-dogs no matter what they do – only surrender is an acceptable option.
Listen to Faymann shrilling for his masters!

“Nobody wants everybody to erect a fence. It would not succeed against the smugglers, destroy Schengen and smash our common EU.”


Sounds promising – ‘smash the EU’ – for the ‘EU’ is no friend to the real Europe, that heir to Christendom, which can, in this dire hour, be heard rumbling. There’s a volcano of patriot fervour which might yet erupt over the likes of Faymann, Merkel and Hollande as they conspire alongside Juncker to colonise historic nations with their age-old foes. Juncker’s Commissars have already opened 32 legal cases against EU countries over asylum laws.

Spain has buckled, Prime Minister Rajoy refused to rule out accepting quotas – depending on the criteria, he said.

Some other countries have given up on the fight – Sweden, at least for now – but there are voices of sanity in every land, including Faymann’s, where the patriot party, the FPO, understands what’s at stake…


Oesterreich Wahlen

…., their leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, saying that border fences are “of course” necessary…

But so far, only Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have refused to back down!  

Hungary has now ordered its army in to help defend the border, because reality reigns in Budapest, where Antal Rogan, the parliament caucus leader of Mr Orban’s Fidesz party, said “the very existence of Christian Europe” was under threat. 

“Would we like our grandchildren to grow up in a United European Caliphate? My answer to that is no,” he said.

Damned right. How many ISIS terrorists are pouring off those trains in Munich?

Back to Britannia – Cameron should at once declare solidarity with the valiant little nations out there. He should add crimmigration to the ballot Brits are getting on the EUSSR, and call on every other EU member state to hold a similar vote.


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Faymann’s treachery to Europe, and to his own country, will surely reap an appropriate reward. Better he gets his come-uppance via the ballot-box than in revolution, which is the only alternative, if Europe is to be saved.