Facebook Geekstapo Stomp Free Speech On Crimmigration – Swiss MP Silenced!

Obama’s billionaire buddy – one of many plutocrats in the White House fan club – has stomped free speech once more, but this time a much bigger target than yours truly.


– zucker  Zuckenberg Jackboot


Readers will recall I was outlawed from Facebook for posting a photo of the Cikeusik Pogrom, that vile IslamoNazi crime here in Indonesia.



Despite pledging an explanation for their sectarian censorship. the Facebook scumbags lied, neither apology nor justification ever offered.

But now Zuckenberg’s Facebook geekstapo has gone after a prominent Swiss MP, after he dared make relevant comment on the crimmigrant crisis engulfing Europe.


  • Hasil gambar untuk christoph morgeli SVP Swiss patriot MP, Christoph Morgeli

The Swiss People’s Party’s Christoph Mörgeli got whacked for saying what he thought – after a gang of intolerant pinko creeps lodged protests because he was allegedly deriding migrants.

“Thanks for letting us know about the profile you reported for being full of inappropriate content,” Facebook responded to one of the complainants. “We removed the profile since it goes against the Facebook Community Standards.”  http://www.thelocal.ch/20150902/facebook-closes-mps-account-for-inappropriate-posts

Notice the arrogant little twerps hide both their own identities and those of the creepy left-lib informers who shrilled for censorship because they couldn’t rebut anything the MP said. 




OMG – ‘deriding migrants?

Heck, whatever he said, it probably wasn’t as ‘derisory’ as what those poor EuroStar passengers were saying this week when their journeys were ruined by lawless Jungle swine clambering onto their trains. Eurostar Passengers Stranded After Migrant Action in Calais

What should we do, sing songs  of praise, about swarms of illegal aliens marauding across the Continent?


civilised man v savage


How are decent folk meant to respond, as they observe the rabble, who display in various settings a variety of behaviours including ingratitude, vandalism, and levels of violence up to and including attempted murder!

I’d add murder but that Ikea case in Sweden is still sub judice..