Riotous Calais Crimmigrant Swine Rewarded With Brand-New Pig-Pen!

So the savages who have run amok time and again in Calais, injuring police and trying to kill UK tourists, are not to be punished but REWARDED!


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Wait for it!

Instead of rounding up the anti-social undesirables for deportation, France’s Prime Minister and the other lousy EUSSR lackeys who decided to hang out with the illegals last weekend are going to help them blight other French communities, ‘assisted passage’ to ensure the spread of garbage all over La Republique!

The whole idea is as absurd as the purple prose used by the journalette who wrote the report – catch this cr%p!

More than 3,500 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, Syria and Afghanistan are languishing in a makeshift camp in Calais known as the Jungle, in conditions the United Nations has described as “absolutely appalling.”





One uses that verb for folk confined against their will. The violent louts menacing the harbour nightly are not forced to be in Calais. They deliberately made their way there, unlawfully, flouting even the feeble Brussels rules on where so-called ‘asylum’ seekers must wait once they push their snouts onto European soil.  


  • Absolutely appalling?

Better by far to apply that description to their conduct. Metallic spears and rocks hurled at civilised people, so base in their character that even the women in their ‘Jungle’ live in nightly fear of sexual molestation.  

But in all fairness, whilst the swine deserve to be blamed and not indulged, as Brussels now proposes to indulge them, the real blame lies in Paris, which has lifted not one finger to drive them out…

…and with the army of do-gooders supplying them with provisions, food, medical services et al, thus indisputably emboldening them in their reckless resolve to defy the law, terrorising truckers, tourists and any decent citizens encountered in their illicit excursions.

If their new pig-pen is secured by electrified fencing, and guarded by sturdy sentinels, armed and ordered to shoot on sight any who seek to get through it, I will eat the above words.


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  • I am, however, confident that I’ll continue to dine at my normal humble eateries.