BBC on Crimmigrants – Lies and Lies, Again and Again!

Just gone 9am here in Jakarta, and the BBC was spewing out lies, over and over again.


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  • Their news report from Hungary began by calling the lawless mob seen on the screen as ‘refugees,’ and repeated that nonsense throughout their report, occasionally, belatedly, interspersing ‘migrants’ to avoid charges of bias, perhaps.
  • But since their intro had blattered the lie-word ‘refugees,’ surely a carefully contrived safeguard, added in, just in case alert viewers protest.

But we will.

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  • Not an iota of proof, aside from their own assertions, that they’re ‘refugees.’ They are absolutely arrogant in their determination NOT to go through any of the normal routine processes which European countries apply to such claims.

The rabble’s own raucous admissions of non-refugee status – ‘Germany, Germany’ –  ‘Mama Merkel’ – ring out.

Refugees, real refugees, do not dictate, do not have any right, to pick and choose, select whatever safe haven they reckon offers the most benefits for bludgers.

They want to continue on to seek asylum in Germany and other richer countries

Their self-serving mendacity has been confirmed by their refusal to go to ANY refugee centre.

The violent aliens even broke out of one, and were caught on camera flaunting their criminal arrogance again.


Hungary defends the West – and gets no thanks from Brussels


  • Hundreds of people have broken out of a refugee camp at Roszke near the Serbian border and are being pursued by police. Video from the camp showed clashes between migrants, trying to break out, and riot police, who used spray

 At a small town called Bicske, yesterday, Euronews reported (almost positively drooling over Brussels’ bully-boy ‘binding quotas‘) a mob of rancorous aliens refusing to register as ‘refugees.’  

So yesterday I changed channels. 

And lo, even the BBC was admitting the Hungarians only wanted the rabble to be ‘properly processed, fingerprinted and their details taken.’

Why would the intruders object to that? 


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  • Here’s why!

…more than two-fifths of the 196,000 people who have claimed asylum in Germany so far this year are from countries in the western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. They are fleeing poverty rather than war.

In other words, they’re NOT refugees, just economic migrants, country-shoppers ; of course they don’t want details recorded!

True colours showing, adamant refusal to obey not just Hungary’s police but even ‘existing EU rules,’ (BBC again)- and that same BBC reporter, Matthew Price, was honest enough to say that it wasn’t just Syrians. There were many, many other nationalities, all seeking to gate-crash the frontiers of sovereign nations, to get stuck into the yummiest benefits.

Country Shoppers!

They want to continue on to seek asylum in Germany and other richer countries – mark those BBC words again –  in other words, snouts looking for a trough, no intention of proving they’re ‘refugees.’


BBC EU flag


But any attempt by Hungary at checking on the veracity of their tales of woe, as the EU rules require, is scorned by the rotten BBC, which, despite their own man in Budapest, has clearly re-affirmed its usual collective editorial decision to take the enemy’s side.

So many ‘refugees,’ so few shreds of proof – none, in fact, but the BBC spreads the lie!

Yet in the UK, Cast-Iron’s craven U-turn brands him as the worm that will forever turn.


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  • If Cameron had any guts at all, he’d rally the British people behind the courageous common-sense against Mama Merkel’s sell-out.
  • Solidarity with the patriot leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, who have joined hands to resist the EUSSR’s ‘mandatory’ colonisation diktat. Central European PMs reject EU proposal for refugee quotas

PS, Just heard the 10am version, and they have now put ‘migrants’ at the start. Must be a lot of protests at BBC bias. But it’s still going on, some tube from the Beeb ‘interviewing’ wannabe departees on the Turkish coast, not once challenging claims made by these intending illegals!

PPS – Just heard the 10.30am headlines, it’s back to ‘refugees’ as the lead word! The swine in Broadcasting House don’t give up, do they?