Objective Journalism? Euronews Slurs US Congress – ‘Knee-Jerk Spoilers!’

What a pathetic pinko propagandist!

That has to be the reaction of anyone who heard the ‘interview’ on Euronews with William ‘Cigar’ Clinton’s former adviser Sandy Berger today.

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  • And I assure you I’m not talking about Berger, whose leftish leanings are his own business. He has a dreadful take on international affairs, so media should of course wish to ask him questions.

No, I’m not on about him.

I’m on about this creep!



 I mean the Euronews hireling, Stefan Grobe, whose idea of serious objective journalism  involved an opening barrage of bias of which I must choose this as the piece de resistance

Grobe actually asked Berger if congressional resistance to Obama’s pact with the Islamic Republic of Iran was due more to ‘Israeli influence’ or to ‘knee-jerk reaction of an anti-Obama Republican Congress!’

HUH? Grobe can’t grasp there might be another reason?


No chance of a third possibility, Kamerad Grobe? (yeah, he’s a German) No chance that Congress has a role in government and playing that role is not ‘knee-jerking’ but fulfilling its duty to constituents?

Like, uh, maybe that the opposition expressed by the majority of Americans, in polls, of elected Senators ( including many Democrats) and of the House of Representatives, might just be because they reckon it’s a bad deal that enhances the menace emanating from an evil sectarian regime.

No, not at all – Grobe, having set the tone, rabbited on, about how might Obama’s men ‘prevent Congress being a spoiler.’


founding fathers


I thought the idea of the US Constitution was all about Checks and Balances, not Triumphalist Presidents Versus ‘Spoilers.’

Like any sly hack, Grobe cloaked his bias behind un-named ‘Europeans’ concerned about the ‘shrill tone’ of the US debate. ‘Shrill’ sounds like an adjective more appropriate to the ululations of the mobs of primtives screaming anti-American hate in Tehran. ‘Shrill’ is a negative word, American patriots are loud, clear, and forceful.

Not ‘shrill,’ which perhaps applies to the frequent outbreaks of bigoted bias we’ve noted on Euronews before…

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…and to which Euronews is entitled – except that the hacks are parasites, leeching off the public purse. Incidentally, Grobe is apparently sharing premises with ABC in Washington.

That’s not the Australian ‘Enemy Within’ ABC, btw, but the American ABC, so I leave it to USA readers to tell me what it’s like.