West Java – Religious Freedom Still Stomped by Sectarian Bigots

 I was thinking about going into the city centre today, but will postpone that plan till next week, because, according to my calculations,  the fortnightly open-air service beside Monas Park should next take place next Sunday.




I refer to the persecuted Christians of Bogor, West Java, who worship there, still persecuted, their church still sealed. So much for all that hogwash ‘hope’ heard, about the bright young ‘moderate’ Mayor Bima elected last year.


bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan  X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 


His disdain, or worse, for  the legal rights of these unlawfully downtrodden people – the Supreme Court ruled in favour of GKI Yasmin Church’s congregation to worship in their own building  – has taught many Indonesians, and observers overseas, never to take these so-called ‘moderates’ at face value.


diani-budiarto Diani


Bima is no better than his predecessor, the fanatical Islamist Mayor Diani.

Metrotvnews.com reported last month on the oppressed Protestants’ plight, and thanks to Metro for doing so. Many other local media have been increasingly forgetful of this blight on Indonesia’s reputation.

The report quotes Yasmin’s spokesman, Bona Sigalingging, reminding us that not only the high court but also the Government Ombudsman long since ruled in favour of the victims of Bogor’s vindictive sectarianism.


  • Bona Sigalingging 2 Bona

Bona was speaking a few Sundays ago, in downtown Jakarta.

He and other oppressed minority creed members have been holding their services on alternate Sundays on the streets of Jakarta, usually opposite the President’s Palace, because President Jokowi like his predeccessor, SBY, has so far not seen fit to order enforcement of the high court ruling.


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  • The last time I went down there to join them, they even had a couple of Shia girls (one of them very pretty) also victims of Sunni Islamist intolerance. Muslim dissenters, members of the Ahmadiyah community, subjected to the infamously discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree, have similarly attended these open-air gatherings.

Many of us hoped that Jokowi’s inauguration would herald a restoration of religious liberty, in particular for Yasmin, and for that HKBP Filadelfia church in Bekasi, where fanatic scum pelted the Christians with dung and urine for the crime of trying to worship God on their own premises.

Jakarta’s Oppressed – Ascension Brass Band Worship! No Sewage, Urine This Year! 

So far, Jokowi has not fulfilled our hopes.

Does anyone still think he will?