Mama Unleashes Apocalypse, Urges Others – “End Blame Games!”

apocalypse-30 Europe…end of days?


If Europe does finally sink into a new Dark Age  – and it looks entirely possible these days – its last defenders will die cursing Angela Merkel, the sometime Communist Youth bint who invited an alien horde into the heart of Christendom.


merkel   Traitor     –  totally bad

mandy  Whore – not bad at all!


  • Germany has urged EU states to end blame games on the migrant crisis…

Well, as a much less amoral woman, Mandy Rice-Davis, might have said –

‘She would, wouldn’t she?’  

Nobody is as much to blame as Merkel for the madness that has smashed asunder the defences which the brave Hungarians strove to maintain.


  • steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier

‘Ve care about European peoples..oooh, maybe about zis much!’


Her flunkey, Steinmeier, now has the nerve to tell the other nations under the yoke of the EUSSR just to pipe down and follow orders.

“Europe has no right to be divided [when] facing such a challenge..”

A quaintly old-fashioned Teutonic vocabulary on display there, surely –

‘divided’ = ‘in disagreement mit Deutschand

– just a little too scarily reminiscent of that exemplified during the years when his predecessor, Von Ribbentrop, was busily serving Papa Adolf, as diligently as this arrogant lackey serves Mama Merkel.

Same with ‘rights!


  • merkel

Mama, like Papa, decrees what other nations have the right to do! 

And Steinmeier makes the parallel even clearer with his next apocalyptic warning.



Do as Berlin says to do, or..

“We won’t be able to fulfill our mission…”

What ‘mission‘ might that be?