More ‘Migrant’ Mayhem – Now it’s Spain!

With all the attention on the occupation of Germany, we might neglect the other fronts in the war Europe is facing.  

Spain too has been under attack for some time, especially at its outposts across the Med, where barbarous brutes have time and again attempted brazen incursions.




The EUSSR has naturally done nothing to help fight them off – quite the reverse. 

Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back! 

We’ve recorded more than one of these assaults before Savage Onslaught Against Europe! Melilla Stormed by Migrant Mob!  but now it’s no longer in the enclaves but on the shores of mainland Spain.


Spanish media say police fired rubber bullets at migrants in a detention center in the southern city of Valencia after about 50 tried to escape.

Hey-ho! No doubt Mama will welcome these violent savages to Berlin within the week!


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  • …the disturbance started late Sunday night when a guard was assaulted and migrants took his keys.

Poor little migrants, only seeking ‘asylum,’ aka welfare troughs, preferably in Merkel’s Mad-House!

Reports say some went on to the roof of the building and threw stones and branches at guards while others burned mattresses in an outdoor area of the center.

Sadly, the officers responded not with live ammunition but only with rubber bullets. More effective action might have deterred similar mayhem in future.

If the Spaniards had shot a few, they’d of course have been lambasted by Euronews, Amnesty and inevitably, Mama Merkel.


civilised man v savage


But millions of outraged Europeans, outraged at the invasion of their countries, would have applauded the fact that at least somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, resistance had finally flared.


And while we’re on the subject, a rare criticism of Viktor Orban, who has told media that if crimmigrants gate-crash the border in Hungary, he has no plans for his troops to open fire. I read that in a Lebanese newspaper, therefore so can lots of wannabe bludgers…and terrorists.