Kicking Canada – Media Cover-Up on Crimmigrant ‘Captain’ Scandal?

It was all very odd, really, the worldwide media orchestration of that Bodrum drowning story, an outstanding example of selective indignation…




…no similar ‘going-viral’ for horrors like the brutal gang-rape unpunished by Swedish authorities, or any of the other shocking crimmigrant stories…

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…which should have ignited universal indignation against lunatic multicult migration policies.


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  • And now we have another scandal, similarly ignored by much of the media!
  • Two Iraqi illegals who were on that boat out of Bodrum, on the Turkish coast, have told the world that the father who caused his own son’s death was no mere irresponsible crimmigrant, more concerned with getting at other countries’ welfare benefits than the safety of his own family, but the ‘captain’ of the boat that sank.

It’s frankly astounding how little condemnation there has been of this man, whose deliberate choice illegally to leave a safe country, purely for perceived material advantage, led to the death of his son.

You can read about the latest chapter here  on the very reputable website of Canada’s National Post, but not on many other media sites.

Why’s that, I wonder?

Probably because Canada is in the throes of an election campaign, with two of the main parties gone overboard on the crimmigrant issue, ready to throw open the flood-gates to alien rabble, by throwing out a smart rule imposed by Harper’s Government to thwart fraudulent wannabe bludgers. The Liberals and NDP socialists are competing for the support of the horde of enemy aliens already constituting the Dominion’s Enemy Within.


JustinTrudeau Liberal Leader Justin Turdeau

And also because that same crimmigrant ‘captain’ has been snarling at Canada, perhaps – unusually for a crimmigrant – feeling a pang of conscience, after his greed caused his own child’s death, and now seeking to assuage his own shame by kicking capriciously at any handy target.

Why on earth would Canada think fit to take him, since he and his family were already on safe soil in Turkey?


What’s really bad, though, is how Justin Turdeau and Thomas Mulcair have latched onto the crisis to exploit as an election issue, grubbing for pro-crimmigrant votes.