Governor Nixes Fanatic Demand For Ritual Slaughter in School-Yards!

And away we go again, round umpteen of the long-running IslamoNazis V Ahok saga, the nasty bigots of the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front (FPI) now ranting about the Jakarta Governor’s ban on Idul Adha sacrificial slaughter on school premises in the capital.


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  • Since there are plenty of places for locals to cut the throats of helpless animals all over town, it seems a silly tantrum.
  • Ahok has said the slaughterers must use designated places, on health grounds. ‘Children are at risk of infection from spilt animal blood.’  He’s also pointed out that even Saudi Arabia imposes similar restrictions.



But of course the white-shirt thug gang claims Ahok is thereby ‘harassing Muslims.

The gangsters seem to have many secretary-generals, but the one in the report today is some jihadist jerk called Jafar Sidiq, who says that this bloody ritual has become a tradition for people in Jakarta. Sacrifice at school also gives lessons to children…

I’m sure it does, if schools are purpose-built to inculcate sectarianism. Ahok appears to be on firm ground when he issued his regulation, which applies not just to schools but also public roadsides, etc.

If some fanatic don’t care for the designated slaughter-houses, then the proper place for this kind of  religious ‘sacrifice’ is on religious premises, surely. There, at the mosques, only those who wish to witness this cruel form of killing will be present. Elsewhere, many people would, I’m sure, find it distressing, especially children.


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  • But distressing people is something of a way of life for IslamoNazis, as the citizens of Sukorejo saw a year or so ago, the arrogant intolerants invading the town, leaving an innocent woman dead and a citizenry so enraged that the cowardly white-shirts had to flee from their wrath, skulking in a mosque till nightfall, when they got a police escort out of town.

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Their language is often distressing too, not least to former President SBY, when the then FPI fuhrer likened him to a banci, a cross-dressing hooker.

But pot-kettle analogies don’t resonate with the likes of Jafar, who rounded off his rant by saying his gang would no longer recognise Ahok as Governor (they didn’t anyway – Jakarta’s Anti-Governor?  ) because he always speaks bad words, a mouth like sewage, and is always hurting people.

And of course the FPI are forever courteous in their protests, and would never dream of hurting people. 

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