Misteri Gunung Semanggi – Kemana Raksasanya? A Giant Vanishes!

Sad to see the handy Giant Supermarket at Plaza Semanggi is no more.


  • plaza_semanggi]
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  • It was a useful shopping centre, often with excellent discounts, two loaves for the price of one (same offer for yummy donuts!) plus eggs at 50% the regular price, and often chicken legs, breasts and other interesting parts at similarly reduced prices.
  • ==================================
  • Alas, it’s gone, maybe forever, though of that I can’t be sure.
  • ————————-

When I went in there last month, the shelves were virtually bare. The security man on duty confirmed my worst fears, ‘closing down,’ but only this branch, he added, so I suppose I can venture to Slipi Jaya’s Giant. Used to shop there a lot, because my then co-shopper favoured it, but co-shoppers change…or rather, we do change our co-shoppers from time to time!

It turns out Giant is owned by Hero, who also have supermarkets in their own name, which I also patronise because they sell cat-food at reasonable prices. Hero say they’re not closing down branches, simply moving them. Yet no info on where they are moving to!  http://bisniskeuangan.kompas.com/read/2015/08/11/114600926/Hero.Akan.Pindahkan.Gerai.Giant

I further learned that Plaza Semanggi is owned by the Lippo Group, an outfit indelibly associated with the ghastly Clinton family!

Lippo also own Hypermart…




The Clinton connection, and the icy temperature they insist on maintaining in at least one of their outlets…

Astaga! Makanan Kucing Kampung, Rp. 19,900? 

…makes me reluctant to shop there unless absolutely necessary!

So will Hypermart decide to occupy the vacant space!

Let the mystery unfold!