No Sooner Settled In, Syrian ‘Refugees’ Dictate to UK Government!

Sometimes, a short news item about one small local aspect of an on-going international issue can cast blazing light on the whole problem.
Like this pleasant Sunday morn, my bacon n egg sandwich breakfast perfectly prepared and served up by this weekend’s visitor, happily digested, before the BBC news showed a rowdy rabble ( in which Brits MAY have constituted a plurality!) rambling through London, demanding more primitives be admitted to top up the hordes already entrenched in the UK.
Bad enough, but then the Beeb interviewed a cross-section of the Enemy Within, which included ‘Syrian refugees!’
My God! They were quite shameless, brandishing Syrian flags!
Here in Indonesia, non-citizens are quite rightly banned from participation in demos.
We can, and often do, comment, but direct action involvement, like street-protests, in Indonesia’s political processes, by foreigners, is STRICTLY off-limits.
Not so in Good Old GB, where those arrogant Syrians were out there on the streets, given tv time to air demands that the British Government do what they’re told by the rabble.
Cheeky beggars!  
But it’s not unique to Britain.
Last week, look at what happened in Denmark, where sadly the cops  appeared reluctant to use force against 300 arrogant crimmigrants whose amok-walk – a more slothful version of an amok-run – had closed the motorway that serves as a vital traffic artery.
Obviously not that vital if the police wouldn’t keep it open!
What is wrong with law enforcement in so much of Europe today?
Police are better equipped than, and certainly at least as fit as, their predecessors in times past, but they don’t get stuck into flagrantly defiant aliens, who are surely not so backward that they need to be advised thatit is a really bad idea to walk on the motorway,” as a police spokeswoman apparently advised the arrogant trespassers.
On the other hand, maybe they are.
Another report tells us that three illegals got hit by a vehicle while walking down a main road in the dark, in Hungary, while some Pakistani died whilst disobeying police orders – the law-breaking lout tripped and fell on a railway track.
None of these deserves an iota of sympathy, any more than the thousands of lawless ingrates who are not dead.
They are NOT refugees.


 If they were, they’d not have travelled through one safe country after another to be as far north as Denmark, or the UK!
If they were, they’d not be demanding the right to choose which safe country they may seek shelter in – it’s the first one you get to, dumbo!
Those in the British Isles would not be dictating to the government how many more gate-crashers must be let in for a good gourmand wallow in the benefit system.
The avaricious parasites just want the yummiest largesse from the deepest welfare pit.
But what about those Danish cops?
Police spokesman Carsten Andersen said. “So right now, we have asked them to start a dialogue. We are waiting patiently for some of them to agree to that and stick their heads out of the trains.”
For Pete’s sake!
Dialogue with a bunch of bums who have NO right at all to be there? Waiting patiently for the scum to agree?
That’s just sickening.
Okay, if the upper ranks are so badly PC they won’t authorise live ammo, then what about rubber-bullets, water-cannon, or tear-gas?
These uppity intruders need to be taught their place – which is not that of monarchs of all they survey.
Now I see the road is no longer blocked by barbarous bludgers and the trains between Germany and Denmark are on the move.
The thing is, most of these ravening ratbags don’t even want to leech off Denmark, though they’ll graciously accept bed and breakfast courtesy of Danish tax-payers before moving on to greener pastures! 
Many refugees are reluctant to register in Denmark, where a centre-right government has cut benefits…Sweden is also a favorite destination….
snouts_in_the_trough Sweden’s Golden Trough
…more generous policies for refugees than their EU neighbors.
AS I SAID – NOT REFUGEES AT ALL, rather a pack of hogs trotting as fast as they can, snouts a-twitching, paying no heed to European nations’ laws or even common courtesies.
For example, when you’re in somebody else’s home, you don’t boss your hosts about with demands that even more feckless free-loaders be welcomed in!
These mannerless mobs simply trample such civilities in their gross and gluttonous quest.

What kind of citizens will Merkel’s Swarm make, in the countries they condescend to colonise?