Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!”

Danish anti-migrant ads get hostile reception in Lebanon


The ads first appeared in the Assafir, Annahar, and Daily Star newspapers on Monday (7 September).

  • danish antimigrant ad


  • As you can see, it’s a clear, practical, factual advert, which simply advises all concerned that the gradually awakening Danes have “decided to tighten regulations concerning refugees.”
  • It points out that there’s now a 5-year wait for permanent residence, which is altogether too generous in my view, but okay.
  • It also announces the wise step of making the welfare trough shallower for wannabe snouts up to 50 percent less welfare than before…
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  • and that the many so-called ‘asylum’ seekers caught out as bogus will be deported faster than previously.
  • The ads were also published on Danish government websites in 10 languages, circulated on social media, and put on the walls of asylum centres in Denmark.

I don’t know why any country needs an ‘Integration Minister.’

It’s surely up to anyone who migrates permanently to another country to integrate themselves diligently into that country and dump alien ways in the nearest trash can when they pack their bags…




…but the Danes have such a minister, named Inger Stoejberg, and she seems quite smart.

She noted the figure ( for the ads) is the same as the cost, for one year, of hosting a refugee. Given the expectation that some people will decide not to go to Denmark after reading the ads, she described them as “good business”.

But now we get to the media bias bit, inevitably.

…whatever financial benefit the ads may bring, they come at a cost to Denmark’s reputation.

Mona, a 40-year old Lebanese woman, told EUobserver: “They [the Danes] are thinking more about the situation in the next 10 years, from the point of view of protecting their own citizens….

Well, God damn those Dirty Danes. ISIS will be after them tout suite, just as bad as the ‘Filthy French!’

Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French! 

How DARE they think more about their own countrymen and women than their ‘humanitarian‘ duty, rather than doing a Mama Merkel and inviting every waster in that wants a welfare wallow!




Possibly because that’s the Danish Government’s responsibility, to look after Danes?

 Another arrogant Arab – Imad, 42 – displayed presumptuous disdain for the sovereignty of Denmark – and every civilised nation- when he loftily observed “They cannot stop the refugees...”

  • warning-illegal-alien-invasion

Oh yes they can, you toe-rag!

It’s THEIR country, not yours. The insolent swine added that “this is meant to intimidate them psychologically.”

No, it’s a statement of fact!

Ingrates like you, Imad, and arrogants like you, Mona, are not welcome. You think you have a God-given right to storm into anywhere your greed takes you.

Unfortunately, the ads probably won’t suffice to deter bludgers. That’s why we need to keep up our protests against allowing undesirable aliens, like those two, and all the other economic migrants, into Europe.


referndmlet peole vote


 If political elites betray us, people power is the answer – referendum, or revolution.

And just in case anyone thinks these upstarts want to ‘migrate’ because they like Western countries, here’s another nasty little brute, 

Hussein, 23  EU governments are letting in refugees because they feel guilty for their own “policies in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc.”   https://euobserver.com/foreign/130139

No, Hussein, Brussels is letting your lot in because Brussels cares nothing for European nations.

If national identities are subverted by the implantation of countless ‘enemies within,’ like you, Hussein, all the easier for the cultural marxist agenda to be advanced, supranational rule over a stricken continent.

Oh, and there are plenty of enemies within already. The usual suspects have been busily launching a Facebook jihad against their own country, entitled –



“We welcome you to Denmark!”  

Around 25,000 jerks already on board.


Next-door neighbour Norway hanged Vidkun Quisling for that sort of thing.