Munich Appeasement! Can Germany Survive Merkel’s Madness?

An unreasonable headline?

Yes, maybe, because, in all honesty, we all know that Merkel is no mad-woman but a cold, calculating, cultural marxist enemy of her own country and of Europe.



Munich’s main rail station back when still under German occupation


Today’s Euronews spouted more drivel, about the evacuation of Munch’s Hauptbahnhof, which was, we heard, ‘packed with refugees.’


I actually looked up the 1951 UN Refugee Convention last night.

It says that a refugee was somebody who left his or her country ‘owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted.’

Euronews has no idea how many of the alien horde in the city’s main station are ‘refugees.’ Not a lot, perhaps!

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To an extraterrestrial watching from outer space, Merkel’s actions might seem insane, the leader of a nation master-minding its subversion.

But she knows full well what she’s done, and must understand the consequences of her evil actions. A million arrogant ingrates strutting through German cities, egged on by a handful of pinko cheer-leaders outside each city’s hauptbahnhof as they triumphantly arrive to survey the realm they’ve captured without a shot fired…




Hard to believe, if we recall the patriotic pride the day the Berlin Wall came down, the delirium of reunification.

But there is still hope!


Backlash grows against Merkel over refugees

Mama Stasi is facing increasing criticism from the right wing of her conservative coalition for her decision to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Another journo-twit calling the rabble ‘refugees.’ Please note that 

But let’s move along – Bavaria’s Premier has denounced the woman for “a mistake that will keep us busy for a long time.” Horst Seehofer is right, but surely wrong to add that there’s no way to put the genie back in the bottle.


Of course there is, and his other words indicate the way to go.

“Soon, we will be in a state of emergency that we can’t control.” A state of emergency is exactly what’s needed to REGAIN control, Herr Seehofer!

Germans who care about their country need to recall the heroic example of Von Stauffenberg, the true patriot who sacrificed so much against another evil leader who was dragging Germany into the abyss.

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  • More than a few ‘senior figures’ have begun to find their voices, like Seehofer.
  • Former German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich called it “completely irresponsible that untold thousands are streaming into the country uncontrolled and without registration…
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  • …there is no way to reliably determine how many of them are Islamic State fighters or Islamic sleepers.”
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  • Friedrich, like Seehofer, is quite correct to condemn Merkel, but wrong to call her plan an “unprecedented political blunder.”
  • On the contrary, it was indeed a plan, not only to do down Deutschland but to wreck all Europe
  • How else to explain Marxist Mama’s suspension of the Dublin Rule, which sparked the surge, then to repeatedly insist in recent days that the Dublin rules have not been suspended and that Hungary and other countries must continue to follow them.
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  • How else to explain her declared readiness to accept ‘unlimited’ undesirables, then, with near a million arriving on top of all the others on German soil, to shrill the arrogant demand that other nations be bullied, Hitler-style, into taking ‘quotas’ of Merkel’s snout harvest.