Now Brussels Bullies NON-Member Nations Over Bludger Quotas!

More deliberate lies from EUObserver today, this palpable nonsense – 

Central European leaders are content to receive financial support from
Brussels, but are unwilling to share their new-found wealth with migrants
seeking a safe-haven in their countries.

This marauding lawless horde is not seeking a safe-haven.

Not if, as the large majority of them did, they passed through safe countries but did not stop because their greedy snouts scented yummier benefits to the north. 


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Turkey is safe – Cameron wants them in the EUSSR, after all!


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No reason at all for anyone in any of those lands to need to travel on, if a safe haven was all they sought.


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  • But it gets worse.
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  • NORWAY, ICELAND, SWITZERLAND, and Liechtenstein will have to agree to relocate asylum seekers in the latest EU scheme or face possible penalties.
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  • Those countries are not even members of the ‘European Union,’ yet they are facing coercion by Brussels jackboot diplomacy?
  • All true – read the link.
  • Arrant expansionist arrogance that would not have been out of place in Adolf Hitler’s Reich.
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Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

  • But then what else should we expect?