Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’

We posted last month on the clear and present danger to ANY woman who falls prey to the Calais savages.


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Even Guardian Can’t Miss Calais Crimmigrant Rape Menace! 


Astoundingly, despite that revelation, published NOT in a ‘xenophobe’ blog but in the impeccably left-lib Guardian, imbecilic bleeding hearts in Britain still want to let those crimmigrants in.

So how come? Maybe they reckon that Guardian pinko got it wrong?

Okay, one swallow doth not a summer make, and maybe he did.

However, now we have confirmation, from ANOTHER non-conservative segment of the media, France24 no less, and it’s all about the women’s centre La Vie Active next to the camp.

 Carine Zerouali, the centre’s manager, says they know rape, sexual aggression and prostitution are happening inside the camp… .

So if they know, then the cops know, and yet there has been no move to shut the place down and kick the scum out of France?


It’s damnable!

And then there’s that chilling sentence we used in the headline, which sums up what prowls in The Jungle – what an appropriate name, given its bestial populace – and why Cameron should NEVER let them across the Channel.

At night they take turns staying awake in case someone attacks them.


Remember, at the moment, the only women the swine can get at are those in that camp.

One feels sorry for them, yes, but nobody coerced them to that Calais camp. They passed through mile after mile of safe country, countries, even, to land themselves in that particular pig-sty.


hands off

British women should not be put at risk from predators.

Oh, and BTW –

Nor should ANY Brit be put at risk from terrorists.

Manhunt for terrorist hiding in Calais ‘jungle’ is a wake-up-call