Will Obama Invite Darren Wilson Next?

“Perhaps upon release of that photo there may be a little bit different perception about what took place, and people might have a better understanding of how we were doing everything with an abundance of caution to protect all of our students in Irving.”  Irving, Texas, independent school district spokeswoman


Surely only a silly ‘bomb-a-phobe’ would worry about something like THAT?


Without getting into the case of that juvenile clock-maker http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/sep/16/homemade-clock-ahmed-mohamed-texas-officials-we-were-right   who was detained then released in Texas – his future seemingly enhanced rather than damaged by his brush with the law – it actually serves to underline Obama’s inability to resist opportunities to flaunt his ethnic biases.

Ahmed Mohamed gets an invitation to the White House, clearly indifferent to his exploitation by the Shameless Chameleon who lives there.


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  • Obama’s fans will say it’s a gesture to show his support for somebody wrongfully suspected/accused of wrong-doing.

Who feels sorry for him?

  • All very well, but when, may we ask, will Darren Wilson receive an invitation?

He was, is, of course, the man shamefully targetted by street-scum rabble and racist agitators, after the Ferguson shooting in Missouri.

In the end, after lengthy investigations, there was no case to answer. Yet his policing career was ruined, and God knows how he’s getting by now.

An innocent cop doing his duty, victim of a racist vendetta.

Most people have noticed how The Racist in the Oval Room sends these divisive messages, always highlighting his own agenda…

Which Lives Matter? Not White, It Seems! 

…which is to favour certain sorts of chip-on-shoulder people with a view to exacerbating hostility against the decent majority of Americans who see nothing amiss about cops shooting crims.

Young Ahmed’s Daddy is apparently pleased about his son’s trip to DC. And when he goes, his family will know they’ll be seeing him again after all the fuss.

Kate Steinle’s Mom and Dad will never see their daughter again.

  ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

But I suspect the still-grieving parents of that girl murdered in San Fran Sanctuary, by one of Obama’s crimmigrants, should not hold their breath waiting for similar sympathetic solidarity as that shown to the asinine adolescent who toted a dangerous-looking device into his school.