Canada Crack-Pot Court Grovels – Sign the Petition, Ban Bag-Heads!



Ever since Pierre Turdo subverted Canada’s parliamentary system by inserting his rotten ‘charter’ into the repatriated constitution, the courts have been elevating minorities, often unwholesome minorities, to privileged positions beyond the reach of democratic control.




This week we have news, arguably the worst example yet, an arrogant bigot bag-head authorised to hide her fanatic features while taking her oath of citizenship.

Muslim women are of course not obliged to wear bags over their faces, nor even head-scarves. We’ve covered this before.

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Only the worst sort of subservient, the sort who exults in her second-class shariah status, would dream of donning an uglifying shroud, peering out from an absurd eye-gap.

And that’s the kind that shouldn’t be granted citizenship in ANY civilised country.

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  • Harper is in a tight race in Canada’s current election campaign. He should make this an issue, curb the crazy courts and invoke the ‘notwithstanding clause,’ if need be, to outlaw primitive practices.

Meanwhile, Canadians should not leave it to the politicians, or the courts!

 For a fine piece of campaigning coverage, with links to a petition, here’s what you need –