So, Zahraa, All You Want’s A Safe Haven? Why Keep Passing Them By?

yugomapFights broke out and crowds of migrants broke through police lines

almost 9000 migrants surge into Croatia


I’ve no beef with the Croatian people – I once travelled on a ship, sleeping on the deck with a bunch of other young folks, from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, and enjoyed my time- very much! –  in both cities.

But the Government in Zagreb beggars belief in its unprincipled u-turn, letting hordes of alien louts pour in from Serbia, then suddenly, having realised what a ratbag rabble they’d got hold of, saying they’d had more than enough, thanks, and diverting the horrid horde towards Hungary!




Croat Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic, sounding near the end of his tether, told reporters he had a message for migrants: Don’t try to go to Western Europe through his country. 

“Don’t come here anymore. Stay in refugee centres in Serbia and Macedonia and Greece…”

A sadder but, just maybe, a wiser man? He must know these amok-runners will never willingly do what the rules require. They need to be corralled, by means of the water-cannon and tear-gas which heroic Hungary has shown can be effective .

But don’t let’s forget –  it’s Merkel’s fault.


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All these Balkan states are suffering because of Mama Stasi’s treacherous manoeuvres on this issue.

Typically, the media are either lying or twisting the facts. I just watched some sexy blonde Euronews journo ‘interviewing’ a well-fed lefty, Janis Emmanouilidis, from an agitprop outfit called the European Policy Centre.


A watchable wench, Efi Koutsokosta, she nevertheless lacked any ability to ask challenging questions, just sat there, saccharine and smug-looking, as the creep dissed Hungary repeatedly. EU eyes refugee crisis solution

She failed in her journalistic duty to challenge his outrageous assertions that they will continue to be coming. Whatever fences you build, however high you might build it the people are desperate and they’re leaving their countries because they are seeking a better future for their kids…

In other words, they’re NOT refugees, just economic migrants! … this is something which will not stop….’ –  as if this invasion were a literal rather than a figurative tsunami…  


Gambar kisah untuk euronews european policy centre efi dari euronews Pinko Beauty and The Pinko Beast – a pair of cheer-leaders for crimmigration


…as if civilised peoples have no option but to sacrifice their sovereignty, dismantle all border security controls and roll over. The EPC interviewee was not reminded that Hungary has shown how the aggressive mob CAN be kept out. 

Last night it was another pinko bint on BBC, saying the ‘migrants’ were forced to go this way or that way

In fact, any difficulty encountered by these wannabe welfare gougers is down to them and them alone.




NOBODY FORCED them to leave one perfectly safe country after another, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, REFUSING to register as refugees in search of ‘asylum,’ and are thus, none of them, genuine refugees – if ever they were.

They’re just avaricious trouble-makers.

But of course too, the Guardian decided to give them a platform and here’s ‘Syrian undergraduate Zahraa Daoud,‘ talking tripe.

“They don’t want us to pass,” said Daoud, who is travelling with her mother. “Why? We are humans..We are Syrians…”

Exactly, Zahraa, you are Syrian.

NOT Hungarian, Croatian or Slovenian. Certainly not British, nor Danish nor Czech (nor Australian, before you get any ideas!) 

You have no right to gate-crash other people’s countries.

You may certainly line up politely and ask permission to enter i.e obey the law, as honest would-be migrants do, as we all do when on our travels!




But only a government of madmen would accept you, because the hoodlums pelting Hungary’s border guards with rocks, and the louts battering aside Croat border security forces yesterday, have ripped away the tapestry of lies and deceit spun for you by the Guardan and the BBC and Euronews.

.. ………….

Foto Europa Rising.
Foto Europa Rising.civilised man v savage

Zahraa, you may be an exception to the rule, but most ‘migrants’ are phoneys, mostly economic migrants. If they weren’t, they’d still be in Turkey!  

Many are savages, like the thug photographed above. Many also will be terrorists.

All you, Zahraa, are after now, is a spurious, imaginary right to pick and choose, dig into the deepest trough, the softest berth you can reach.



‘…despite her frustration, Daoud also said she was determined to continue her journey, whatever the challenges Europe places in front of her .- country-shoppers, not in any sense refugees!


It’s your overweening arrogance that incenses me and millions like me, the uppity assumption, that country-shopper, pick-a-plump-victim mentality.


  • Your quest has naught to do with safe havens at all. Your rank indifference to the basic laws of the lands whose wealth you covet, to the rules and regulations about how to enter somebody else’s homeland – that’s arrogance – verging on hubris!

out with them

  • One can only despise and detest such people.