Tsipras The Red – Known By The Communist Company He Keeps?

Did anyone else notice the news from Athens yesterday, that Syriza eve-of-poll rally, with Tsipras up there on the platform?

More to the point, did you note who was up there with him?




None other than than Comrade Laurent, Chief Commissar of the French Communist Party!

He has a lot to live down to, the record of treachery and subversion of that vermin party during WWII to mention just one example. His 1940s predecessor, Thorez, was sentenced to death for desertion – the swine skulked in Moscow throughout the war, calling on French solidiers to lay down their arms instead of resisting German aggression.

It was only when Hitler and Stalin fell out, in late 1941, that the vermin party condescended to join real French patriots who had been resisting German occupation since the invasion.

A total swine, honoured by the Soviets with a postage stamp tribute to his treason..



Traitor Thorez


Communists in every country are traitors of course.

Much like ijihadists, they are without patriotism, their allegiance to a supranational ideology, and should therefore be regarded by decent people everywhere as untouchables. Not by Tsipras, who was perfectly at ease to have Laurent on his platform.

It’s fair to say that many of us have been prone to go easy on the Greek Government, even me ( though not a lot! Another Greek Tragedy, in Kos – Crimmigrant Ingrates Amok!  )  because anyone being pushed around by the Brussels elite engaged the sympathy of all of us opposed to the EUSSR.

But the Syriza party is riddled with cultural marxists, witness their failure to maintain Greece’s previously admirable endeavour to keep out crimmigrants – it was the wise Greeks, after all, who erected a fence very similar to Hungary’s more recent barrier ,a 12-kilometre barbed wire fence on the Turkish border to resist alien illegals oozing in from Turkey. Greeks Show How to Handle Crimmigrants! 



Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 


Since Tsipras came to power, he has talked and acted as an overt sympathiser with undesirable illegals. So we should not be surprised at his readiness to embrace evil, which is what he did yesterday in Athens.

Patriot Greeks, more than anyone, understand the satanic nature of Communism.

The Greek Communists launched a devastating civil war after WWII, murdering thousands of people and notoriouly kidnapping thousands of innocent children, spirited away across the border to the enslaved neighbouring nations, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania, many of them never to be heard of again.


  • communism tyranny
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  • It is of course possible for communists to repent, and many have done so and gone on to do great service to their fellow-citizens by speaking up against the CP calss-hate dogma – but many communists have only ditched their party cards to pose as democrats, people like Mogherini, who was an active red until the prospect of power made her change her label.
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  • arafat terrorist with communist’—
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  • But she never uses any of her numerous public appearances to renounce the poisonous message of marxism, to condemn its supranationalist ideology.

Greeks surely know that Tsipras himself is a former activist in the the Communist Youth of Greece. Do they truly think he has distanced himself sufficiently from that enemy within?