“Sofia“ Really DOES Mean Wisdom!

“We have the forces to tackle the migration pressure. And the fact that Bulgaria isn’t the preferred route of the migrants, even though it’s a natural route, speaks volumes about our actions”     https://euobserver.com/migration/130314

You just need to glance at the map to see what the Bulgarian spokeman in Sofia means. Who’s going to take a dodgy boat when a short illegal walk can get you home and dry with your snout into the European trough?

bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


  • While everyone in Europe should salute the heroic Hungarian resistance to the alien influx -and an extra cheer today, after last night’s vote in the Magyar Parliament to authorise tear-gas and rubber bullets against the crimmigrant enemy – let’s doff our hats too to Bulgaria, which is backing up its border police with military support.
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Moreover, extra, though belated, congratulations on that sensible fence installed, though we haven’t heard so much about it – the left-lib elite in Brussels are too busy shrilling at Hungary’s!

And already the readiness of Bulgars to defend their country is paying off…about 700 people tried to cross from Turkey to Bulgaria in the past 24 hours. Border police arrested 34 of them and the rest went back.

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Back is where they belong!


PS ‘Sophia’ is the Greek word for ‘wisdom.’ The Bulgarian capital is living up to its name, at present.