Arrogant Illegals ‘May Not Be Ready’ To Leave Europe!

Last of the summer wine? Gorgeous sunshine, as I prepare to head across Jakarta to have a few cold ones with a former colleague who’s moving house.

Nice day yesterday, warteg for an arvo meal, delighted to see my fave waitress has returned from her kampung near Tegal, in Central Java, after a year. She was the one who got me to start English classes in my free time for her and her colleagues.

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  • After she left, the others dropped out, but Lia is keen, so maybe she can persuade the new gals to form a fresh study group. They have no money so can’t pay, but they are a cheery bunch, so it’s always fun.

But no such heartening news from Europe.

If you want to throw up today, just read this extract from an EUObserver report on how crimmigrants proven even by the EUSSR’s own lax standards to have no legitimate grounds whatsoever to be in the civilised world ‘may not be ready to take up assisted voluntary returns…’


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  • What a crock! These illegal aliens should not be ‘assisted.’ They should be seized, incarcerated in dire conditions, so their lives are made so unpleasant that they’ll beg to go back where they came from!  

And no cushy plane-rides home. Container ships, a bargain to hire for mass deportations, no fun below decks for weeks…


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…and how much money would be saved in terms of the largesse the swine devour while sleazing around Europe’s welfare troughs for months – years, rather?

‘Unless they see they will be returned anyway,” says a Brussels document, they won’t get the hell out!

Right. So lock them up, administer a flogging or two, put them on bread and water?

Oh, no…whatever would the robed clowns in Strasbourg say!


  • Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
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  • Instead, the EurocRats simper, ‘if no other solution is found, “returns must be enforced” with “electronic surveillance” and “semi-closed facilities” as alternative measures to just locking people up.’

Electronic surveillance? So they still roam freely, savouring the joys of Europe?


out with them


 Semi-closed facilities?  What good is a semi-closed facility?

Oh, it might upset the parasites if they can’t get out for some fresh air when they feel like it!

What the heck is wrong with just locking people up? After all, again even by the current rules, rejected asylum seekers can already be detained for up to 18 months. 

But how many of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of lying undesirables are already detained?

How many have been kicked out?

Approximately 425,000 people were issued with a return decision in 2013 but only around 167,000 left the EU, according to the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.