Sobieski 1683, Kaczinski 2015 – Can Poland Rescue Europe Once Again?

No euphoria. No desperation, such as we’ve seen at so many European borders over the last months, but more a sense of quiet purpose.

Quiet purpose?

That, from a BBC woman, may seem a far cry from the shrill, savage scenes we have witnessed on the Balkan borders, but for once the BBC may have shown some insight.


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  • Behind the nasty, violent, reckless outward image the so-called ‘refugees’ display time and again, there is a nasty, violent, PURPOSEFUL intent.

It’s called conquest.


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  • Real refugees would be beseeching, not demanding.
  • Real refugees would be grateful, not aggressive.
  • Real refugees would know their place, deferentially knocking at other peoples’ doors.

NOT, as Viktor Orban so truly put it, breaking down the doors of those at whose feet they should be kneeling in supplication.

The swine should be sent reeling back to whence they came, step by step, country by country, until they find themselves once more in Constantinople (sorry, it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople now, worse luck!)


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  • But where today, is the equivalent of John Sobieski, the Blind Polish King who, just in time, hurled the enemy back from the Gates of Vienna and saved Europe from a new Dark Age.

In Budapest?

Maybe, for Orban is brave, and commands both respect and gratitude from every man and woman whose forebears sprang from Christendom. But Sobieski rode from far away to save the valiants on the spot, resisting the foe.

Is there no contemporary counterpart ready to mount up and speed to Orban’s side? 

Not in Vienna, that’s for sure, where Faymann the Foul reigns, fawning over the invaders.


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  • Nor in Berlin, Brussels or Paris, capitals governed by what my Ulster kin might choose to call Lundies, after that Governor of Londonderry who was so eager to embrace those menacing his beleaguered people.

Nor in Poland, not yet…


Elections are due there in four weeks time.

At the moment, typical cultural marxist betrayal  is taking place in Poland, where the ‘liberal’ Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz, aims to pre-empt democracy, a shameful plan to sell out on crimmigration before the nation can vote.

kopacz Kopacz

Even EUObserver, a routinely pro-crimmigrant part of the media, has to note that her speech marks a U-turn in policy. , that suddenly Kopacz is reduced to parroting Mam Stasi’s pinko platitudes. Echoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant speech in the Bundestag on 30 August, she said: “Can’t a country of 40 million people [Poland] afford a gesture of solidarity?”.

Kopacz is no fool and must know the swarm comprises no refugees at all. Any who did flee their places of origin on account of real or imagined danger immediately forfeited any claim to refugee status when they failed to stop in the first safe country they reached, namely Turkey.




Then they’ve been using one safe country after another as stepping stones, all to get their snouts into the yummiest welfare troughs. They are parasitic liars, contemptible frauds, who deserve to be herded out of Europe at gun-point.

Calais is a well-equipped port – why not use it to load them onto containers for deportation?


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But let’s stick with Poland, where Kopacz’s bleating – “Today, our partners in Europe expect solidarity from us” – completely ignores the truth of the tragedy engulfing Europe…


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  • ….that Mama Stasi brought the tsunami to Germany, to Europe, by her suspension of the border rules last month.


Her collaborateur in Paris, Hollande, is flouting his own people’s wishes by going along with her.  Neither of them has thought fit to hold a referendum on the ‘migrant’ issue.Most French citizens oppose softer rules on refugee status

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  • It MUST be up to the citizens of every nation who they want to colonise their country.

And the Poles will have the chance to express themselves in just over a month.


Praise be, Law and Justice, the main opposition party, is refusing to echo Kopacz’s treasonous tripe

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Law and Justice leader, told MPs that if Poland takes in too many people “we will no longer be masters in our own country”.


  • “It might be like Sweden, where there are 54 districts, where sharia [Islamic law] has become obligatory,” he claimed. He said Middle Eastern migrants are potential terrorists…

AND he asks the most pertinent question.

“Does the goverment have the right, acting under external [EU] pressure, without the accord of the nation, to take decisions, which, in all probability, will have a negative effect on our daily lives … and, ultimately, on our security?” he noted.

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If only more politicians could be as statesmanlike in this time of crisis, there’d be a way out of it.

Instead, the sell-out Kopacz shrills insults at him, ‘the face of a xenophobic, anti-European party..

In other words, Law and Justice puts Poland FIRST!

Ludicrously, the Swedes got all peevish“Sweden operates under Swedish law.” But Sweden allows filthy alien savages to rape Swedish girls and go unpunished. Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden Their ambassador should be reminded of that and told to pipe down.

The good news is that polls put Law and Justice on 35 points, 11% above the so-called ‘centre-right’ ( actually left-lib) Civic Platform led by Kopacz. And the good guys already hold the Presidency.

Without knowing the ins and outs of the Polish Constitution, I can’t say if President Duda can block Kopacz’s renegade manouevres, but he sounds like he’ll do his best.



I “won’t agree to a dictate of the strong. I won’t back a Europe where the economic advantage of the size of a population will be a reason to force solutions on other countries regardless of their national interests.”

So will the Polish people exact a fair price at the polls? Will Kopacz pay the penalty for her sell-out?

Will Kaczynski, or Duda, spearhead a major counter-attack on the jackboot junta run by Juncker and turn the tide agaisnt the invasion?

I don’t know.

But as a long-term fan of Poland, and of all the East/Central European nations, many of whch I have visited since their liberation, I hope and pray for good answers to those questions.