Jakarta Minimart Beer Ban – Hopes Dashed for Real Reform?

Ludicrous reading how Ontario inches forward, somewhat hesitantly, on the issue of selling drinks to those who wish to drink…Beer is coming to grocery stories…so what’s the catch? …with ridiculous conditions that continue to show weird distrust of Ontarians.


wynne Comrade Wynne, Premier of Ontario


However, with a lesbian cultural marxist running the province, at least we can’t blame sectarian prejudice!


But how sad to read the bad news here where I live, that our hopes for a rollback of the ‘creeping shariah’ gloom inflicted on Indonesia by the current government……have been dashed, after a senior bureaucrat reaffirmed that the authorities don’t trust their own citizens enough to let them buy a cold beer on a hot day – at least not at any place convenient to where they live and/or work.  




It’s quite pitiful, really, how foreign tourists (but not, alas, foreign residents!) are deemed more worthy of such a ‘privilege’ than Indonesians.

But that is the clear message from Ms. Srie Agustina, Director of Domestic Trading. 

“The director general regulation will only allow for the sale of liquor in tourist areas. It could be outside tourist areas, but such a distribution arrangement should have license permits from the regent or the major. But the sale will not be at minimarkets.  


On the other hand, it could be argued that Jakarta, as a fascinating capital city, could be declared a ‘tourist area’ in its entirety!

Oh well, batten down the hatches.

I’m off on holiday soon, to a country where people are free to get hold of a beer when they’re thirsty.