Papal Poppycock! But A New Excuse for Slimer to ‘Evolve!’

Bout time we had a Pole in the Vatican again.

After that asinine ould Argie’s outburst in favour of saving the skins of mass-murdering terrorists and the kind of filth who rape and murder children, I’m just glad I’m not a Catholic.


  • pope- ‘I know better than Americans what’s good for America!
  • ———–
  • Ted Cruz is, of course, and he’s doing his best to redeem his creed’s reputation.  Cruz takes exception to pope on death penalty
  • But already Oval Office Slimer is getting ready to use the senescent Vatican bore’s meanderings as an excuse for another of those famous ‘evolutions,’ aka Obama-Lies. 
  • Much as with homo-weddings, the swine is gearing up for another flip-flop, once all for normal marriage, then, safely elected, a U-turn.
  • obamalizard Slimer evolving visibly
  • ================================
  • Now it’s capital punishment! Hitherto content to let justice take it course, suddenly ‘evolving,’ the cultural marxist of uncertain origins is determined to do all he can to drag America down before he’s forced to quit the White House.
  • And he now knows he has a collaborationist Supreme Court to facilitate his subversive agenda. Oh, America…
  • Beware!