Turdo Turns The Tap Back On – More Mexican Crimmigration?

Up till 2009, an astounding number of ‘asylum’ parasites were pouring into Canada from Mexico, until Harper’s Tory Government turned off the tap by changing the rules.

It worked.

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Although plenty of other undesirables are still getting through, at least that lot got put in their place, which was, is, and always should be, OUTSIDE of Canada.

Now, alas, just like his malignant, unlamented father, Justin Turdeau aims to foul up the Dominion anew, by re-opening the flood-gates.


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He has just promised to remove visa requirements for Mexican citizens coming to Canada.Trudeau Promises To Remove Visa Requirement For Mexican Citizens

Amazingly, this folly is touted as a means to smooth relations with Mexico, as if Canada needs the goodwill of a country which can’t even control its own murderous mafia.

Mexico is energetically exporting hundreds of thousands of undesirables into its neighbour, the USA, although to be fair, that outrageous tsunami is happening with the gleeful collaboration of the Anti-American Obama.

Harper must make migration, in all its forms, a key issue.

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  • A policy similar to Australia’s might make sense, deportation for those convicted of all but the most minimal crimes.

But he would have to be prepared to back it up with use of the ‘notwithstanding clause,’ otherwise the court clowns would use Turdo Senior’s Charter to thwart sensible moves.