Harper’s Perfect Moment – Ignite Death Penalty Debate!

Swine like those two sectarian savages found guilty of terrorism  last week deserve to die. Their evil mass-murder plot to derail a passenger train got them mere ‘life’ sentences, which ludicrously allow for their release in not much more than EIGHT years!

What a mockery of justice especally since, as the judge noted,  neither of them had expressed remorse for their offences.


  • Chiheb Esseghaier, left, and Raed Jaser in court  pair of pigs
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  • Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, a pair of primitive pigs, should not have millions of dollars of tax-payers’ money wasted on provision of board and lodgings and all the manifold privileges bestown on them in the Canadian prison system.

That’s my opinion, but unless the Dominion has changed even more than I know it has since last I went there, surely most Canadians outside the left-lib establishment feel the same.

True, the Canadian media is mostly rotten, liberal to the core, the worst being the tax-guzzling CBC. Their constant bias may have eroded the public’s instinctive taste for real justice.

These days, however, surely the eruption of jihadist treason should have turned the tide.  

What Good Are ‘Canadians’ Whose Loyalty Is Conditional? 

So where are the candidates crusading for reform, for the restoration of capital punishment? Canada, after all, is in the midst of a hard-fought election campaign.

What Harper thinks about the death penalty I dont know, but in his heart, methinks, he knows it’s the only fair and just punishment for scum like these two. He has suggested this Harper says he personally favours death penalty | Toronto Star but so far has not had the grit to follow through.

Now, at last, is the time to do so, and few cases more advance the cause than that of scum who were recorded speaking about alleged terror plots they would conduct in retaliation for Canada’s military actions in Muslim countries…

Those last few words are sufficient in themselves to show they are traitors.

What manner of loyalty do such outlandish creatures have to Queen and Country, if they give more concern to irrelevant characteristics of the lands Canada is fighting in, irrelevancies like sectarian identity?




They put allegiance to the indefensible umat concept above that due to their own fellow-citizens.

They are unfit to live in a civilised country if they hold such views, and unfit to live at all if they engage in satanic schemes such as that involving the derailment of a Via Rail train travelling between New York and Toronto.  http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/men-convicted-in-via-terror-plot-handed-life-sentences-1.2577416

However, going back to that link to Harper’s views on the death penalty, we can perhaps divine the reasons for his reluctance to grasp the nettle, seize the moment.

His government briefly initiated a new policy whereby Canada no longer automatically sought clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty in democratic countries like the United States.

And quite right too, I hear you, and most sane Canadians, saying.

But what happened?


The evil spectre of Turdeau Senior supervened.

A Supreme Court ruling forced the government to abandon the policy.

How dared those arrogant enemies within strike down foreign policy?

Easy answer?  

Harper shrank from invoking the only weapon in the constitutional armoury that was provided by far-sighted MPs back thirty plus years ago as the sole, last-ditch defence of democratic supremacy against activist judicial usurpation. 

The Notwithstanding Clause. Canada’s bed-rock statute of popular sovereignty. Exalt it, Mr. Harper, and use it, to bolster a campaign for a return to civilised values, to extirpate the Enemy Within!