Aboard The ‘Asylum’ Express! Аида Боливар – TRUTH Untold on BBC or Euronews!

Аида Боливар: арабские беженцы хотели меня изнасиловать



It’s not every day, or probably any other day, that you’ll find me posting with chunks of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Yet this report so horrified me that I figured I should utilise something apart from any shock-horror words oft deployed to catch the reader’s eye.


  • Аида Боливар рассказала о своем опыте общения с арабскими беженцами

Anna Bolivar


  • This is part of the story told by one journalist, Anna Bolivar, who, unlike the hacks from Euronews or the BBC, actually tells it like it is.
  • Hence you’ll not hear it on the treason media, and as far as I know, only Hungarian TV has broadcast anything of this, outside of Anna’s native Ukraine.

Free press in the EUSSR?


  • pigs-might-fly
  • Yeah, right.
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Basically, this honest Ukrainian gal describes her train journey out of Budapest’s Keleti Station, a true-life horror story –

about the filthy ‘refugee’ pigs at the station ‘defecating where they stood…There was uproar and all they were doing was seize the baggage of passers-by and yell obscene words at them.

  • Croatia
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  • about how, once aboard the train, she listened to brazen discussions of how women like her (unsubjugated into second-class shariah wear) were fair game for rape:
  • about how 90% of the rabble were young men of military age, (’18-40 years old, healthy‘)

And about the HATRED that motivates the scum.


Foto Europa Rising.

Poor pitiable refugee?


  • Anna spent five years in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, and thus speaks good Arabic, so she understood the swine, though they didn’t know of her linguistic skills, so were speaking freely of their malignant intentions.
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This blonde bombshell reveals what kind of garbage is engulfing Europe.

I recommend you read the link above, which I tracked down to have a go at translating it myself, or the English-language report at WND.   http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/migrants-discuss-raping-robbing-other-travelers/