Trump Makes Waves – In Jakarta! A Clinton Connection?

While The Donald Effect rips through America’s political landscape, Mr. Trump’s campaign has, more surprisingly, led to uproar here in Indonesia, after two prominent politicians made a surprise appearance at one the billionaire candidate’s press conferences.


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I won’t go into detail on the blow-back, suffice to say there are threats of law-suits raging – sadly, law-fare is a frequent occurrence in this lovely archipelago – and I simply attach a link to one English-language news story on the subject. 

Politician threatens lawsuit against critic over Trump saga

But once more I must regrettfully report that the Jakarta Globe is plucking obscure far-left American academics to fill its pages, a lamentably biased article by some pinko prof from Drake University, wherever that is, railing against Trump’s sensible view on anchor babies…



….that phenomenon whereby any illegal immigrant, or anyone else, who gives birth in the USA, fondly expects that the offspring are thereby entitled to all the rights and privileges of American citizenship. Hence if my pregnant cat crawls into the neighbour’s dog’s kennel, its kittens are somehow categorised as puppies?

So how come?

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  • Why is the Jakarta Globe publishing vicious anti-Trump diatribes? The candidate is surging, gathering support even among minority groups whom the race-obsessed left-lib media in the USA have been trying to turn against him.  

Maybe that’s why! He’s up against a Clinton, after all!

This geezer Professor Anthony Gaughan is entitled to his opinion – he minces his words a lot, though, unable to being himself to use the correct description ‘illegal immigrants,’ instead substituting ‘unauthorised’ etc., a sure sign of pinko infection.

He quotes numerous ‘authorities’ to refute things Trump did or didn’t say, and appears incensed that most other Republican candidates agree with Trump, and even more outraged that most Americans agree with Trump, that these kids are no more American than I am.

Another gem is his allegation that ‘immigrants’ (does he mean honest immigrants who waited their turn, or illegals?) are more law-abiding than Americans.




Surely not the illegals, because they are ipso facto law-breakers.

Never mind – my grouse is with the Jakarta Globe for publishing this lefty rant.

There’s no obvious reason why the JG chose to splash all those column inches on this man, who  just snarls down from his ivory tower, part baffled, part enraged, by the fact that he is so utterly out of step with his fellow-citizens.


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  • Of course, umlike the over-paid college elite, the lumpen-proletariat ( aka decent hard-working Americans) MUST have been manipulated by wicked Trump (oh, yes, and remember, almost all the other candidates for the party’s nomination!)

Funny how Trump’s challenge only picked up when he RESPONDED to normal people’s natural concern with the serious issue of illegal immigration, the monstrous crimes committed by the undesirable aliens, murder, rape…

Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  

Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

…WHICH WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO AMERICANS if those crimmigrants were not in America.

As for exploiting issues, how about the arch-race-baiter already in the White House? 
But I leave it to American readers to refute Gaughan’s gabbling. 

Again, what appalls me is the Jakarta Globe, ever-eager to find a prominent place for fanatics of the left, just as they push pinko propaganda in their endless effort to rehabilitate the totalitarian hypocrites of the Indonesian Commuunist Party.

Any pretence at objectivity would demand an article of equal length and position in the next available issue of their newspaper.
There are plenty of American conservatives able to write one – if invited to do so!
That won’t happen. If it does, I’ll eschew partying for a week.
Oh, and BTW….
Who owns the JG anyway?
Is it some limousine liberals, some folks with long-standing connections to the Clintons?
Depends how you define Lippo Group, but Lippo Group owns the Jakarta Globe.

Dig this report, from Radio Australia  which concerned certain Indonesian politicos who wanted Boisterous Billy Boy to stay away from Indonesia during last year’s election season – it seems the reason the welcome mat was whipped away is because Mr Clinton’s visit is sponsored by a tycoon with links to the rival candidate and they may set up a meeting.


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