No Matter Where You Are, This Sunday, Sign For Religious Liberty!

Having spoken for religious liberty since I began blogging, and having also gone along to the services, in downtown Jakarta, held by the victims of presidential indifference to high court rulings in favour of that liberty, I can only endorse the petition sent to me.

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  • My only additional input is a reminder that the cruel persecution meted out to the churches is mild compared to the ubiquitous discrimination perpetrated against the peaceful, totally blameless, Ahmadiyah Muslim minority – not a random vendetta, but state-sponsored, under the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree – check my search box, and you’ll find plenty of info on that!




Today, we want you to join with us as we call on the government to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open dozens of churches that have been forcibly closed.
In Indonesia, hundreds of Christians from dozens of churches have been forced to worship on the streets after their buildings were sealed shut by local officials under pressure from radical Islamic groups.
Those who attempt to still meet outside of their closed churches find themselves confronted by angry mobs hurling insults, rocks, and even bags of urine and excrement at the Christians. Churches that try relocating to new buildings often find themselves forced out again, only a few months later.  
Please take just a moment and click on the link to sign our petition on behalf of persecuted Christians across Indonesia.
Petition Calling for Immediate Re-opening of Churches in Indonesia
During this intense persecution, two Indonesian churches, GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia, decided to make a stand, holding services on the streets and in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta for more than five years.
In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of re-opening their churches, but local authorities refuse to comply.
On September 27th, these two churches held their 100th joint protest service in front of the presidential palace.
Today, we’re joining our voice with theirs to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open these churches. We believe no one should be kicked out of their church and forced to worship on the street in front of violent mobs simply because of their faith. Sign our petition, and let Christians in Indonesia know they’re not alone in this fight.