Oz News – Pedo’s Death Sparks Sicko Pinko Teary Tantrum!

Good evening!

And belatedly a bit of good news!

 A sleazy pedo ‘refugee’ pervert known to be a threat to Australian chiildren…-

Who Deserves Flogging More? The Pig, Or The Fool Who Let Him Walk? 

 –  has topped himself.


Ali Jaffari – a vile pervert whose death upsets nobody- except the Refugee Action Coalition!


AN AFGHAN asylum seeker and convicted child molester who set himself on fire in a West Australian immigration detention centre has reportedly died.  http://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/asylum-seeker-dies-after-setting-himself-on-fire-in-west-australia/story-fnj4anv2-1227531151600

In April this year he lost his appeal to stay in Australia but remained in immigration detention because he could not be deported to Afghanistan as he was a refugee.

Could not be deported? That’s disgusting!

Whose country is it?

One expects cr$p like that in the UK, whose leaders kneel in obeisance to an alien court in Strasbourg. But in Australia? I’m amazed Tony Abbott didn’t try to get the rules reformed to kick out ‘asylum’ perverts.

I don’t suppose Turnbull will try, given his left-lib tilt.  But the subtraction by suicide of one sleazy undesirable alien from the equation should not preclude a review of a bad law. 

Yet instead of calls for legislative change to enable governments to ship out dangerous ‘refugees,’ we get a chorus of tiresome yap-yap-yapping from that notorious pinko agit-prop gang, the self-styled ‘Refugee Action Coalition.’


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  • Instead of raising a glass to the good news of Jaffari’s death, the sickos are all in a tizzy, pink knickers in a terrible twist, bleating that it defies belief that he was able to get petrol.
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ianrintoul Red Rintoul


“How was he allowed to obtain the materials that allowed him to do this?” spokesman Ian Rintoul asked.

Who gives a damn, really?

I’ve no idea how the pig got the means to self-destruct, but who’s complaining? Otherwise the dirty brute would still be poncing three squares and a roof over his head off Aussie tax-payers.

But Red Rintoul still shrills on.

“This seems to be an outright incident of negligence or worse.”

Now that’s an odd, or wild, assertion. OR WORSE?

Is he implying that it might have been made just a wee bit too easy for Jaffari to do the only good thing he probably ever did?



If so, whoever was responsible should step forward to receive a medal!