Warwick Wallies Weasel Out of War on Free Speech – For Now!

The union cited “a duty of care to conduct a risk assessment for each speaker who wishes to come to campus” and indicated they thought her words “could incite hatred on campus.”  http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/warwick-unis-student-union-banned-a-speaker-and-brian-cox-has-this-to-say–WJW3_jU3Lx.

Who’s this menace the little toe-rags of Warwick University were on about?



Sounds like Anders Brevik out on day-release, perhaps?

Undoubtedly some ‘right-wing xenophobe.’ After all, they wouldn’t object to some sleazy marxist spouting class-hatred, because they’re all probably into that anyway. Nor to any dirty dork who supports beheading of blasphemers – no way!

Besides, it’s not him, it’s  ‘her.’

And ‘she’ turn out to be a rather liberal lady, who (in my view) inaccurately categorises Islamist fanatics as ‘far-right,’ when in fact their ideology is almost a twin of communism, supranational, based on hate, and all for oppression – though the Reds weren’t usually sexist.

Her name’s Maryam Nazamie, and she was to speak as a guest of the Secular Society!



If people like me who fled an Islamist regime can’t speak out about my opposition to the far-right Islamic movement, if I can’t criticise Islam… that leaves very [few] options for me as a dissenter because the only thing I have is my freedom of expression.

I don’t know what the gal would have said, were she allowed to speak, but it would probably have been unexceptionable, though probably nowhere near enough to incite hatred.

Which unfortunately is what’s needed.  Not hatred against any social class, or ethnic group, or religion, but against the enemy within, those ‘Britons’ who adhere to the treasonable ideology exemplified by Hizbut Tahrir and its think-alikes.


  • caliphate
  • ……………
  • All decent Brits should hate them, just as all decent Brits were entitled, indeed encouraged, to hate Hitlerian fifth columnists in WW2.

    Execution then was deemed appropriate, and these days we of the West might do well to follow the wise example shown by Jordan, a 100% Muslim country, which responded to Islamist atrocity by executing Islamists. 


  • out with them
  • —————-
  • Or just deport every single one of them.

Loyal Brits, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Humanist, should be making speeches along those lines every day, in every city. 

But, no, Namazie would hardly say anything like that. She would merely outline the threat to British freedoms that adherents of the Islamist ideology represent.

And these indolent, intimidatory young parasites, whose playground is a university with much to be modest about?

–  –

In its first few decades, it was heavily involved with the protests,rent strikes and occupations which earned the University the nickname of ‘Red Warwick.’ In 1974 one Warwick student was killed during the Red Lion Square disorders. More recently, in 2009, many Students’ Union officers were active in the occupation of a lecture theatre in the Social Studies (S0.21) building to express solidarity with Gaza.

  • They should be studying logic and moral philosophy (by chance two of the optional extras I took along with my politics and modern history – not, thanks be, at Warwick!) instead of stomping this woman’s right to free speech.
  • The brats need a good slapping. 
  • My university had a disciplinary code, which included sanctions for bringing the alma mater into disrepute. If  Warwick doesn’t have something similar, time they did, and expelled these obnoxious toads.
  • They’d soon find jobs, after all, with the BBC or Euronews, or the Guardian.


Above written before I went on vacation,(which I’m enjoying hugely, BTW. all the more so, because we have a happy update..


….the bullying brats backed down.