So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?!

evil children

Despite being on vacation, still watching tv news, that satanic ‘child’ in England, convicted of terrorism beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the swine could be out in FIVE  YEARS?


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  • Britain is a very sick society if this is how far British Justice has sunk. Apparently the judge’s excuse for this lily-livered sentencing is the swine’s age.

Age is no excuse – we have noted before that normal human beings are well aware of what’s right and wrong AT LEAST by the time they enter high school.

If their primitive parents are devoid of those concepts, these young savages are nevertheless not living in a vacuum. They were born in, or brought to, a civilised country where barbaric codes are not countenanced. The one in Britain who got the derisory five year ‘get-out’ card has no excuses.  


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Nor did the hateful slug who paid the proper price for his evil crime in Paramatta last week.  

By the age of fifteen, there’s no excuse to be unaware that murder, terrorism, menacing ‘apostates’ and ‘blasphemers,’ etc., are intolerable affronts to civilised values, and that violations incur serious penalties. 

It was good to read in Sunday’s Aussie Telegraph that even an academic (from Melbourne’s RMIT) agrees that 15-year-olds are quite capable of knowing the rights and wrongs of their conduct –  she added that despite their age they still need to be held accountable. “By the time they are 15, ­although their youth should be taken into account, they are nonetheless still capable of making a moral decision,” she said. Parramatta shooting: Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar named

Her words are open to different interpretations, admittedly, one being that satanic teenagers should be punished less severely than those of satanic adults, like the London Tube Bombers, or that Boston Marathon Bomber, for no reason other than they are younger..

I can’t see why.  

On the contrary, common sense in the matter would differentiate sentencing on the basis of how ‘up for it’ such pigs will be when released, how fit and eager they’ll be to resume the evil Islamist agenda.


A decrepit old devil can do less damage than a young and vigorous fiend


If this ‘British’ brat is held for FIFTY years, a not unreasonable term, he’ll be of pensionable age when he comes out – God might of course decide to step in with a heart attack or aneurism before that, but He seem to like letting human events take their course. 

The pig’ll be much less of a danger at 65 than if he’s turned loose by dumbo parole tribunals. when he’s just turned twenty!

On balance, though, unless hanging is restored  ( a nod to democracy that decadent  UK Eurogrovel politicians are unlikely to make in the immediate future, but who knows in the longer term?) it still makes better sense to keep him there until he is over seventy, too frail to do much damage.




For my part, I’d hang the devil’s spawn as readily as I’d hang their adult role models.

But if death is not on the statute book, then life should mean life, and it should be life in the darkest, direst dungeons.

Not a five year vacation at tax-payers’ expense.