Strasbourg Pinko Pack Snarl for Magyar ‘Meat!’

“We don’t want to give up so easily,” Cecilia Wikstroem, Swedish liberal MEP.

Like a pack of wild beasts, made rabid by the scent of prey, theAlde Group,’ as the liberal bloc in the Strabourg ‘parliament’ calls itself, is out to get Hungary, largely, though not only, due to Viktor Orban’s heroic resistance to the parasitic alien invasion.

They want the civil liberties committee to trigger the so-called Article 7 procedure against Hungary.
EUObserver helpfully explains what that means.

The EU treaty’s Article 7 allows the European Parliament, the European Commission, or one third or more of member states to launch a commission enquiry on whether a member state is in “serious and persistent breach” of EU values.

There’s a cause for merriment. EU values?

Hatred for democracy, as shown by their loathing of referenda, and their inexcusable vendetta against Austria Haider derides EU over sanctions – Telegraph 

Selective intolerance – democratic Israel scolded, despotic Cuba embraced.

Multicult no matter what.

Those are the values the EUSSR upholds, though the Alde A-holes – and the increasingly biased EUObs – blame Orban’s crackdown on free speech, judicial independence, and refugee rights.




“What is happening in Hungary is completely unheard of in Europe,” bleats the Swede, displaying her historical vacuity, because just about everything imaginable has occurred in Europe, both before and during Christendom, as well as in this incipient dark age.

So what IS happening, according to this dumb pinko?



Nails being torn off fingers? Boiling oil poured down throats?  

Er, not quite!

She cited a new law that allows police to enter people’s homes without a warrant to hunt for irregular migrants.


How many guilty criminals have gotten away with heinous misdeeds due to all this ‘no search without a warrant’ nonsense? Who’s unwilling to let cops in, if there’s nothing to hide? If vicious crimmigrants are on the run, who would stand in the way of those pursuing them? 


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  • Wikstroem obviously knows all about the savages swarming into Europe, but not only is she ready calmly to contemplate the invasion, she takes exception when somebody starts fighting back!

“We haven’t seen such things since the second world war,” she said.

Oh no? What a blind bint she is!


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  • We’ve seen Geert Wilders ( and many less well-known citizens) dragged through courts for the crime of free speech.

We’ve seen innocent Christians hounded, fired, their lives ruined for offending uptight homos. B&B Fined for Hurting Gay Couple’s Feelings – Charisma News

We’ve seen a Catholic candidate for a top job on the EUSSR Commission blocked because he believes in Catholic teaching.  Italian EU Commissioner Rejected for Conservative Views | Europe | DW


That’s a lot worse than anything Orban has done. Yet there’s every chance that sooner rather than later this pinko pack will have their way.


MEP Birgit Sippel im Plenum zu Ausweisungen im Schnellverfahren in ... Sippel


The Socialist bloc only opposed it tactically, temporarily, as their spokesbint, Birgit Sippel, admitted. 

“It is a very sensitive issue and you need a majority in the parliament for a strong political action. You have to prepare it very well, and that hasn’t happened”, she said, adding: “If you don’t have a majority, Orban will laugh at this.”

That nasty witch-huntress summed it up, in explicitly predatory language.

  • Rabid-Dog-for-OS EUSSR’s rabid reds
  • “Then we have meat in our hands,” she said, referring to political ammunition for the launch of Article 7.