Indonesia Expat Magazine- Always A Rewarding Read!

Not paying much attention today, got a few bottles of Anker to drink out front on this magnificently hot arvo. Also have Indonesia Expat to read, picked up on my dawdle around town yesterday.

  • I took a brief nostalgic detour round Jaksa, a scene of dereliction, the Obama Bar seemingly defunct (or has it moved?) and Romance Cafe sinking into a ruinous state, a sad loss still, after four years or is it more?

I only went to Jaksa to exchange some books, but Ning’s little store was closed for the holiday.

So off to Ya Udah, quieter than usual, where a couple of reasonably priced  Bintangs accompanied me for the hour or so I spent there.


yaudah bistro jakarta Ya Udah


  • posh cats
  • ooooooooooooooooooo
  • …but also burst out laughing at some of the ads.

There was one depicting some blonde bint hovering by a sink in a posh restroom, in a dress which was obviously designed for easy access to body-parts not allowed on our tv by the Indonesian censors.


  • falatehan Jalan Falatehan
  • ———————————
  • The said bog was way too fancy to be that more or less uni-sex facility in D’s Place on Jl. Falatehan, but she could do well there.

What was it advertising?

Posh taps!

Seriously! Who advertises taps?

a tap’s a tap, for pity’s sake’


  • Who shops for posh taps?

Presumably the guy who masquerades as the ‘Clandestine Critic.’

He actually writes amusingly of the joints he goes to, but although I had a chortle or two at his put-downs of the standard of service and the food, do he and I live in the same city?

His reported bill for two people was over a MILLION RUPIAH!

I pay about Rp.15000 for a very tasty and filling meal in my warteg.


  • warteg
  • ————————
  • Maybe if I wanted to impress some hoity-toity slapper encountered in the Mo Bar Ladies’ Night, I would stretch to Ya Udah, but c’mon, a HUNDRED dollars plus-plus to capture her heart?

In a city where many people get by on a monthly income less than he paid for his dinner?

  • dignif
  • YUK!

Having said that, his comments on fish and chips held my attention for seconds and seconds. Rp.140,000? That’s twice what I paid for PROPER fish n chips in Sydney.

He moans about how the pub concept ought to be tried seriously in snobby Kemang, but how about the chipper concept?

Real fish n chips is HARD to get here. 

Fish and Chips in Jakarta! A Veritable Grail-Quest! 

A lot of Indonesians think chips should appear (and taste) like fries, as Yanks call them.

If some guy or gal opened a REAL chipper – not in Kemang, please; it’s such an isolated kampung due to the terrible traffic – maybe in Blok M or Kota – it could be a gold-mine!



And Indonesia has not been lumbered with the moronic hang-ups afflicting the UK, where it’s now forbidden by health nazis to wrap the food of the gods in old news-papers…

Like I say, Ankers away today…I’ll resume this tomorrow!